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         Criteria for Grading a Graduate Paper

Criteria Comments
1. Research is evident. The writer has reviewed the literature that is relevant, current and useful in understanding the topic. Resources selected are varied.


2. The writer follows the conventions of the APA format.


3. The writer says something substantive about the topic. The arguments presented are clear and logical.


4. The writer’s own input is evident. The ideas taken from the literature are utilized to make observations, discuss implications, develop generalizations, and draw conclusions.


5. The paper is characterized by clarity, simplicity, parsimony, good grammatical structure, and correct spelling. Inclusive language is used throughout. The paper can be easily read and understood by a colleague.


6. The writing has overall quality. The writer understands the topic and displays an ability to organize, to analyze, to synthesize, to evaluate ideas and to express thoughts fluently.



Grading Categories:

90 – 100 Exceptional paper in all respects, and in addition contains original, creative thought.  
80 – 89 Excellent paper with respect to most or all  criteria.                     
75 – 79 Very good paper. Meets some of the criteria very well, and the remaining criteria adequately.  
70 – 74 Good paper which meets all of the criteria adequately.             
< 70 A paper which is below the minimum required standards, and is deficient is most of the listed criteria.