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Sign-up slots. Choose a time slot for your Colloquium Presentation. Forward your choice to  and I'll mark it down and post it.. There may be common themes but more likely each week will contain two dramatically different topics When Presentation slots are selected and posted you will be able to sign up for three slots to play the role of the formal critic of three different presentations. When the presentation topics are posted you will be in a better position to determine which topics would be best for you. Send me the title of your planned presentation and a brief (100-250-words) abstract. Check back often to see which time slots are still free as I will update this regularly.) Note that some weeks may have three presentations (depending on our numbers and logistical problems).


Tentative Presentation Slots/Tentative Themes

Note. There will be two to three presentations per week, depending upon the number in the course.
6 (Feb 16...)
Dirk Windhorst Gérald Fallon


7 (Feb 23...)
Donna Spraggon Trudy Litster


8 (Mar 2...)
Nancy Fenton Lorraine Carter


9 (Mar 9...)
Sheila Windle Donna Newhouse  
March 16 Break
10 (Mar 23...)
Leisa Desmoulins Mary Mallik


11 (Mar 30...)
Thinan Sangpanasthada Kimberly Maich

Wendy Stienstra

12 (Apr 6...)
Ildiko Pinter Sonya Pancucci

Arlene Tuls-Herfst


Critical Examiner’s (Sign-up Slots)

You need to sign up for THREE critiques. Each participant should obtain three thoughtful, constructive evaluations from peers. Wait until the presentation slots are posted before you request a particular date/topic/presenter to critique. You may not be able to get all your choices as we need to ensure that the final "critquers" are not critiquing their own work. I'll do the best I can to see you get most of your preferences.

Week/Presenter Critic Critic Critic  
6 Gérald Donnie Sheila DonnaN  
6 Dirk Gérald Mary Wendy  
7 Trudy Lorraine Nancy Leisa  
7 Donna S Gérald Ildiko Sonya  
8 Nancy Gérald Ildiko Wendy  
8 Lorraine Donna N Nancy Thinan  
9 Sheila Lorraine Thinan Leisa  
9 Donna N Lorraine Kimberly Donnie
10 Leisa Nancy Sheila Dirk  
10 Mary Thinan Trudy Sonya  
11 Wendy Donnie Arlene Dirk  
11Thinan Mary Sheila Dirk  
11 Kimberly Trudy Ildiko Wendy  
12 Ildiko Kimberly Trudy Arlene  
12 Sonya Leisa Mary Arlene  
12 Arlene Donna N Kimberly Sonya