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Some predominantly Psychological Readings that have provided understanding and comfort for those dealing with loss.
Heather's List, when asked what books she found helpful...

Therese A. Rando  (1986). Parental Loss of a Child.  Research Press.


Therese A. Rando  (1984). Grief, Dying, & Death: Clinical Interventions for Caregivers. Research Press.

"There are probably lots of good textbooks on grief but I found these, especially the Parental Loss of a Child, the most helpful."

"It was the only one that I found that normalized my grief. The others made me feel my grief was ‘complicated,’ ‘unresolved’ and ‘pathological.’"


It’s hard to say what it is that helps in a book.

I know what doesn’t help:

reference to time heals,

getting over it,

going on without the child,


What does help... - acknowledging that grief continues along with life,

- acknowledging that we learn to survive, live, even live well, but always continue to grieve for our child.