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Some predominantly Christian Readings that have offered comfort for those dealing with loss.
Heather's List, when asked what books she found helpful.
"The books that stand out in my mind out of the hundreds that I read are:..."
bulletNicholas Wolterstorff  (1987). Lament for a Son . William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company.


bulletC.S.Lewis  (1983). A Grief Observed. Bantam.

bulletDiane M. Komp (1992) A Window to Heaven: When Children See Life in Death. Zondervan Publishing House.

bulletJoseph Bayly (1992).  The Last Thing We Talk About: Help & Hope for Those Who Grieve . Chariot Victor Publishing.

bulletEdward Kuhlman  (Out of Print) An Overwhelming Interference.


"In terms of helping me piece together my shattered faith the books that stand out in my mind are Making Sense Of It All, Night and subsequent writings of Elie Weisel, and that book, Intra Muros."  

Thomas V. Morris (1992). Making Sense of It All: Pascal and the Meaning of Life. Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company.

Elie Weisel (1982) Night. Bantam Books.

Rebecca R. Springer (1985). Intra Muros: My Dream Heaven.


"I know that I got several books for Sarah and Ben. I would have to ask them if any of them helped. My impression is that they didn’t. The books that I remember helped them open up and talk about Heaven and their feelings were the Narnian Chronicles. Maybe because it helped us believe the possibility of timelines and existence diverging, converging, merging…

"It is such a subjective thing."

"What I found helpful another person may read and find no help at all."