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Larry Morton, Ph.D.

Recent Publications

Current Interests

Thesis Supervision

Larry Morton, Ph.D. is a Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Windsor where he teaches graduate courses in Educational psychology/statistics and pre-services courses in Educational psychology/special education.

He has research interests in the following area(s):

Psychological aspects of learning and teaching at all levels

His current research focuses on technology in teaching & learning

He is currently the Graduate Studies Coordinator in the Faculty of Education.

Some Theses/projects supervised successfully include:

Howitt, C. (1997). An investigation of leadership styles in decentralized and centralized schools. MEd Thesis, University of Windsor.

Oshar, N. (1997). The relationship between instruction of metacognitive
strategies and student academic achievement. MEd Thesis, University of Windsor.

Simone, D. (1997). The relationship between teacher stress and burnout in special education. MEd Thesis, University of Windsor.