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In-Class Constructions

The Student Teacher's Environment

Comments From The February (2001) Evaluation Forms:

Skill Area Written Comments The Graphic
...sound pedagogical principles... “He was telling the kids how to tie a shoelace—not!”


...developed new learning sequentially...


“The sex education lesson was totally screwed up…. I would not allow this teacher to breed.”
...worked cooperatively with colleagues... “The science lesson went well when the student teacher was under constant supervision, and cornered like a rat in a trap.”



...was aware of pupil needs, abilities, and previous learning... “While on yard duty it became apparent that this student teacher is out of his depth… in the puddle on the playground.”
...demonstrated effective self-evaluation... “During the debriefing at the end of the day ‘delusions of adequacy’ were apparent.”

...set appropriate and clear instructional objectives... “The lesson plan shows she sets very low personal outcomes and then consistently fails to achieve them.”

...used language effectively... “This teacher can’t spel worth a dam. I’m afraid a village somewhere is mising it's idiot.”

...achieved instructional objectives... “A great lesson on Parliament. A real ‘Canadian six-pack,’ but it's clear his plastic ‘thingie’ to hold it all together is missing.”  
...promoted appropriate pupil behaviour... “The children, and the two teachers, and the parent volunteer in the room, were very, very stressed. This student teacher might not have ulcers, but she’s a carrier.”

...made good use of appropriate instructional strategies and aids. “Great use of visual aids. Gates are down, lights are flashing, you can hear a whistle…but there’s no train.”

...achieved instructional objectives... “The lesson on the differences between higher life forms and lower life forms was somewhat muddy….  This student teacher needs to be watered twice a week.”
...was receptive to counselling... “He remembered everything I told him in the first week but applied nothing during the second week. He may have a photographic memory—but I suspect there’s no film in his camera.”

...well paced instruction... “The thirty-minute math lesson was completed in two and one-half minutes. Now I see why he beat a million other sperm to the egg.”                
...received and answered questions appropriately...

He couldn’t answer one question about the brain…A synapse in a land of no neurons.”

...used language effectively... "The lesson on 'wheels' turned out to be about marine mammals…. I suspect a wheel is turning, but there’s no hamster here.”


...followed established routines... “I was standing ‘real close’ to this teacher when she wrote ‘February 31st’ on the board--so close I thought I could hear the oceans.”  


If you have any additional practice teaching comments (about student teachers, professors, or associate teachers) send me an e-mail and I'll look for a place to post them.