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  Lakehead Core 2002

Ethical and Design Issues in Research with Children (July 10 pm)


Ethical and Design Issues in Research with Children: This session involves examining theoretical frameworks underlying research with children and their implications for quantitative and qualitative designs. Special attention is given to ethical issues in researching with children such as the child's right to decline participation and issues relating to parents or guardians giving consent for child participation in research.  Issues regarding benefit./harm ratios and how these have been applied in social research (including educational research) as well as medical research with children are discussed. Ethical and design considerations are reevaluated in a children's rights context.

Advance Reading Suggestion:

Greig, Anne and Taylor, Jayne. (1999). Doing Research with Children. London: Sage Publications. (I have ordered copies of this book for all students and it will be available at the LU bookstore)

Glantz, L.H. (1998) Research with Children . American Journal of Law and Medicine. 24 (2&3) 213-244. (This article is available at the website for the American Journal of Law and Medicine)