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I know the details of the assignments:

-an on-line colloquium presentation


-critique's of three presentations


-my weekly on-line contributions


-to obtain materials posted and submitted by other participants  

-to check regularly for the supplementary reading


I know the timetable:

-professorsí presentations


-student presentations


-assignment due dates


-how to structure my week for on-line activity


I understand the modules:

-the focus of each module


-the content in each module


-my tasks in each module


I have signed up for my Colloquium Presentation:

-sent time slot/week to Morton  

-sent title or tentative title to Morton


-sent thematic/topical area to Morton  
-prepared 100 to 250-word abstract for posting  
-selected the material to distribute to participants  

-selected the manner to distribute to participants


I have my dates finalized:

-my colloquium presentation date


-my three critiques - dates


-my weekly on-line contributions


-to check regularly for the supplemental reading


I have signed up for three people to critique:

I have downloaded files:

-related to Module 1


-for Dr. Haggerty's presentation (Module 2)


-for Dr. Morton's presentation (Module 2)


-for Module 4 presentations


-for any weekly assigned readings (check regularly)


-peer critiques


Have made my weekly contributions:



-discussion threads


-attachments sent


-attachments read