A Healing?
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If this was you, what would you believe...?
Oh, Oh!

You're a healthy person generally; in fact, you haven't been to a doctor in 25 years. You don't even have a family doctor. But you've always been exposed to the sun and now you've got a growth on your arm (a dysplasia) that looks alarming. It's changing. You're concerned!

First like this.
Then like this.
  Then worse...

The Doctor!

You go to the doctor, and say you've had a mild persistent cough for some time so he gives you an antibiotic for the cough. Then you say, "Oh, yah, I've also got this mark on my arm." "Oh, oh! That=s got to come off for biopsy," he says. The appointment at the hospital is set for two weeks later.

The Prayer!

Later that week, in a very off-handed way, you put your hand on the dysplasia and say a prayer, "How about healing this, Lord?"

The Church!

You go to church on Sunday and the response to the Scripture reading is Psalm 103.


That afternoon, about 75% of this Amorphing mole@ falls off. During the week more falls off. Maybe 5% left after a week.
Next Sunday you go to that church again. Again the response to the scripture reading is Psalm 103. Someone seems to have made a mistake on the order of service, either last week or this week. Sort of synchronistic.
The rest falls off.
The Hospital?

Nothing there now. "Forget it. That can't be melanoma."



Psalm 103
Psalm 103 is interesting because the words make you think about Dwayne Miller, and healing. You've heard Dwayne on tape, on radio programs, on Oprah, talking about how he was healed of spastic dysphonia while reading Psalm 103. It's on tape. You actually hear his voice change from pathological to normal when he reads the words "...who healeth all thy diseases..." in Psalm 103. 
So what do you believe?

Is it faith?  ("Your faith has made you whole.") But you didn't really expect any sort of healing. The prayer request was more of a habit than a confident expectation-- but maybe.

Is it the antibiotics? --so maybe.
Is it God=s work? The link to a passing prayer, the link to Psalm 103, not once but twice, is synchronistic-- so maybe.
Is it natural--the normal developmental course of a mole? You suspect there may be a natural explanation but how can you be sure?
Is it something else--something you haven't considered?