Dan Mennill - Bird Songs of the Atherton Tablelands
Dan Mennill's 
Bird Songs of the Atherton Tablelands 
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All the bird songs presented on this website were recorded by Dan Mennill with an Audiotechnica AT815a shotgun microphone, a Saul-Mineroff pre-amplifier, and a Marantz PDM222 tape recorder. Recordings were digitized using Syrinx-PC software and digitized sounds were saved as MP3 files using CoolEdit2000. MP3 files are an efficient way to store sound, but they lose information contained in the original recordings. Although MP3 files sound normal to us, they probably sound unusual to birds and therefore should not be used in playback. 

Copyright information 

All recordings, graphics and information on this website are copyright Dan Mennill, 2001, unless otherwise indicated. All information is intended for educational purposes and personal enjoyment. Please request written permission (dmennill AT uwindsor DOT ca) before using any recordings, graphics, photographs, or other information from this site. I will happily grant permission for almost any non-commercial purposes.


These recordings would not have been possible without Stephanie Doucet, who ruled the Atherton rainforest during her master's research project on Satin Bowerbirds. Special thanks to David Westcott and CSIRO in Atherton for logistical support. David Westcott, Graham Harrington, and James Nicholls helped with tricky bird identifications. Thanks to Bob Montgomerie of Queen's University, the principal investigator on the Satin Bowerbird project. Thanks to Laurene Ratcliffe of Queen's University for providing recording equipment, support, and inspiration. 

Photo Credits

Most of the photos on this website were taken by Dan Mennill and Stephanie Doucet. Mike Bhardwaj also provided photos and served as a faithful field assistant to Ms. Doucet. Stefan Tewinkel kindly provided photos of a Brown Cuckoo-Dove, a Pied Currawong, and a Tooth-billed Bowebird. You can see some wonderful photos of Australian birds at Stefan Tewinkel's site at http://www.bavarian birds.de/oz. David and Diane Armbrust kindly provided the photo of a Grey Fantail. Visit David and Diane Armbrust's 'Australian Natural History Safari' site at http://www.anhs.com.au.


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All information copyright Dan Mennill, 2001 (unless otherwise indicated).
No recordings, photographs, or other information may be used without written permission (email me at
dmennill AT uwindsor DOT ca).
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