Region Wide Aggregate Controls Module

The Region-Wide Aggregate Control Module of SMARTPLANS consists of two models:

  1. Rogers multi-regional demographic model
  2. Input-output (I-O) macro-economic model

The aggregate control module is developed as an extension in SmartPlans. That is, the user could run the extension without the need to run the remaining modules. Here, the user can calculate region-wide population and employment totals over time, evaluate the outcomes before engaging such totals in the land use and transportation simulations.

Rogers multi-regional demographic model

The Rogers demographic model predicts population by age and sex in the study area using vital statistics on fertility, mortality and migration rates. In this model, the urban area is considered as part of a much larger system that encompasses other regions and/or provinces.

Input-output (I-O) macro-economic model

The I-O model, on the other hand, predicts total number of firms and associated jobs by industrial sector. The advantage of using an I-O model is capturing the linkages between the various economic sectors through a technical coefficient matrix that the user needs to provide for the study area. Total jobs per sector are based on the amount of final demand for a given simulation year. The I-O model predicts the total output for each industrial sector and then converts that into jobs and firms using pre-defined multipliers.