Accessibility Model of SMARTPLANS

The accessibility model of SMARTPLANS, also known as Potential Accessibility Submodule, allows the user to calculate various zonal accessibility-related variables to different land use activities (e.g., schools, population, jobs of different types, etc.) based on the simulated inter-zonal cost matrix, Cij, that gets generated by the Transportation Module. Here, accessibility to a specific land use opportunity L for a given zone i is formulated as a gravity measure that depends on the quality of the opportunity EjL and the cost Cij from i to j, that is:

The program also gives the user two options to choose from to set the type of the impedance function f(.) in the accessibility formula:

  1. A power function is used, in which:

  2. An exponential function, in which:

The impedance parameter beta in both cases must be a negative value.