SMARTPLANS is developed to promote healthy and sustainable cities

Calibration and application of Integrated Urban Models entail studying various processes that affect the changes obsevered across the urban space and over time. The goal is to understand and simulate the following:

Our Focus

SMARTPLANS is developed to generate a comprehensive list of indicators that relate to the environment, society, human health and economic performance to promote sustainable outcomes and policies.

As an operational Integrated Urban Modeling (IUM) platform, SMARTPLANS is calibrated by utilizing data on local transportation, land use, economic and travel activity, as well as air pollution, health, and economic information to simulate the future of the city.

With SMARTPLANS, we explored the transferrability of model parameters across jurisdictions to provide local scale scenario modeling that will complement other tools Health Canada has previously developed to assess health benefits.

SMARTPLANS is developed as a standalone Integrated Urban Model (IUM) that is independent of any commercial software. The software and it's files will be made available to practitioners and academics to use for free in 2022.