A Snapshot of PSABH as Delivered Across Kenya

    What it is:
  • An HIV/AIDS prevention programme for primary schools
    Primary goal:
  • To create a positive behaviour change in upper primary school pupils to reduce their risk of exposure to HIV
    Implementation Area (see map below):
  • Began in Nyanza Province, Kenya (Oct. 2001)
  • Added Rift Valley, Kenya (July 2002)
  • All of Kenya (Jan. 2007)
  • Integrated into Ministry of Education (Dec 2007)

Map of Kenya

  • DFID (Department for International Development)
    Management Agent:
  • CfBT 2002 - 2007
  • Ministry of Education, Kenya (2008 onward)
  • Jan 2001 - present
    Target audience:
  • Upper Primary pupils (official age 12 - 14 years)
    Who is trained and when:
  • Head teacher (or deputy head)
  • 1 resource or senior teacher
  • 1 community representative
  • 2 additional teachers
One term later
In communities with a secondary school:Ministry of Education (MoE)
  • 4 peer supporters
  • Teacher-supervisor
A term after the final teacher training
    Training model:
  • Week-long training session
  • Ministry of Education (MoE)
  • Ministry of Health (MoH)
    Umbrella program:
  • HAPAC (HIV and AIDS Prevention and Care, phase II)
    Support materials:
    Project foundation
  • Based on the best practices developed under two earlier national programmes in Kenyan primary schools (SPRED 1 and PRISM1)
  • Eleanor Maticka-Tyndale, PhD, Canada Research Chair in Social Justice and Sexual Health, University of Windsor, Canada (design, analysis, & reports)
  • Steadman Research Group, Kenya (data collection)
  • Zonal School Inspectors, MoE (data collection)
    Research Model (see below)
  • Action research model that both evaluates the project and identifies new or emerging issues that need to be incorporated into programme content or delivery (see below)

Action / Research Model

SPRED stands for Strengthening Primary Education Project; PRISM stands for Primary School Management (1996-2001).

ii Site 1: PSABH project in 247 schools in Bondo District , Nyanza Province (Oct '98 - Dec 2000). DFID funded under HAPAC. Site 2; School and Community AIDS Prevention project in 100 schools in Nakuru Town, Rift Valley Province (Jan- Dec 2000). Funded by USAID under IMPACT.
Site 3: PSABH project in 1,250 schools in Nyanza Province (Jan '01 - March '03). DFID funded under HAPAC. This includes a further 200 self-funded primary schools in Rift Valley Province.

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