Primary School Action for Better Health (PSABH)
18 month Reports and Presentations

  • 12-18 Month Evaluation
  • A full report based on surveys completed by pupils and teachers, in-depth interviews with teachers and community representatives, and focus group discussions with pupils conducted 18 months after teachers completed all PSABH training.

    Provides a detailed overview of knowledge, attitudes, behaviours and activities in schools in October, 2003.

    Executive Summary
    We recommend you first download and read this brief summary of the report.

    Full Report
    If you have a slow internet connection or a less powerful computer this can take 15 minutes or longer to download.
    112 pages.

    Full Report for lower bandwidth
    This is a copy of the complete report separated into several files. If you have difficulty with the complete 112 page report or you are on a slow internet connection, you may wish to try this option.

    Note: You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader for this content.

  • Key Impact Findings After 18 Months in Schools
  • A brief, 2-page summary of findings.

    2 pages.

    Note: You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader for this content.

  • 18 month Evaluation: Primary School Action for Better Health, Kenya
  • Powerpoint slide presentation made to DFID, Kenya Office summarizing the 18 month findings.

    30 slides.

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