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Dept. of Philosophy
Christopher Tindale 

Current Projects and Working Papers

This is work in progress. Comments welcome.

A Question of Appearance: Weak and Strong Arguments at Rhet. 1402a23
Of the many lines in Aristotle over which translators disagree, few have the philosophical ramifications of Rhetoric 1402a23...

Fallacies and Sophisms
Aristotle’s SR give us a list of 13 fallacies or Sophistical refutations. What makes them sophistical? Is this a fair attribution?

Coherence (November, 2005)

Did Plato Have a Theory of Fallacy? (2006)

Reason’s Dark Champions: Chapter 5 (Sample chapter)

Ways of Being Reasonable: Perelman and the Philosophers”   (May, 2008)

“Point to Point: Toward a Chorography of Reason,” (November, 2007)