CRRAR Summer Institute on Argumentation

25 May - 06 June, 2009


Registration Information

To apply to take the CRRAR Summer Institute on Argumentation (CSIA) course for credit, you will need to print out the Non-Degree Application Form, fill it out, and send it to Dr. H.V. Hansen. 

 Mail the form to the following address:

            Dr. H. V. Hansen
            Department of Philosophy
            University of Windsor
            Windsor, Ontario
            Canada N9B 3P4

Your application should be received no later than March 20, 2009 

Students attending CSIA for credit must also attend the OSSA 2009 conference (June 3 - 6) as well. 

 The course fee* for Canadian students attending CSIA is $774.00**(includes the OSSA fee).  If you are a Canadian and registered at a Canadian university for the spring/summer term, then your summer registration will cover your course fee.

If you are a VISA student at a Canadian university, or a student at a university outside Canada, and wish to attend CSIA for credit the course fee* is $1871.00**.  

            * The fee must be paid to the University of Windsor by May 1, 2009.

** The University’s Board of Governors will set the fees for the next academic year in April – a small increase is expected and this must be paid in May, before CSIA begins.

 We are hoping to be able to make a slight reduction in the fees.  You should check the CRRAR website in April before making your payment.  A small number of CRRAR scholarships have been set aside for international students who may need assistance to pay the CSIA fee.  If you would like to apply for such a scholarship, please communicate with Dr. Hansen.

 If you wish to attend the CSIA but NOT FOR CREDIT AS A STUDENT, you should not fill out the Non-Degree Application Form.  Instead, please apply by letter by March 20, telling of your present position, your research and your reason for wanting to attend CSIA.  If space becomes a problem, priority will be given to students over auditors/ post docs / junior faculty.

  The fee for those not taking the course for credit is $995.00 (this includes the full OSSA 2009 conference fee).  Payments should be made to OSSA (use this form) by May 1, 2009.

 All fees are quoted and payable in Canadian dollars.