International Educator Certificate for IB Qualification (Fall 2018)

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Course NameCourse CodeCourse Format
Assessment and Evaluation (DP)(Fall 2018)IEC 002-DPOnline
Assessment and Evaluation (PYP/MYP)(Fall 2018)IEC 002-PYP/MYPOnline
Curriculum Processes (DP)(Fall 2018)IEC 000-DPOnline
Curriculum Processes (PYP/MYP)(Fall 2018)IEC 000-PYP/MYPOnline
Professional Learning (DP)(Fall 2018)IEC 003-DPOnline
Professional Learning (PYP/MYP)(Fall 2018)IEC 003-PYP/MYPOnline
Professional Learning Community (Fall 2018)IEC 005Online
Teaching and Learning (DP)(Fall 2018)IEC 001-DPOnline
Teaching and Learning (PYP/MYP)(Fall 2018)IEC 001-PYP/MYPOnline

***pending accreditation by the Ontario College of Teachers 

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