Volume 18 May 2002 No.2


Multivariate Constrained Bayes Estimation
                                Malay Gosh and Dalho Kim …… 143

Estimatng Parameterrs in a Tumor Growth Interacting
Particle System: The Continuity of Moments
                               W .J.Braun and R.J.Kulperger……149

An Approximation to the Distribution of the Autocorrelation Coefficient
                                             Edmund M.Rudiuk ……..165

Testing for Departure from Exponentiality among Distributions Possessing
Increasing Hazard Rates
          Rajesh K.Barnwal and Serge B.Provost…………..170

A New Proposal for Pairwise Multiple Comparisons with Repeated Measurements
Ernst Schuster and
                                    Siegfried Kropf…………………197

Testing the Mean of Skewed Distributions: Chen’s t2 Test Revised
                                          B.M.Golam Kibria and
                                           Arlene Naranjo…………….213

Large Sample Estimation of a Family of Economic Inequality Indices
                                            Ricardas Zitikis……………225

On the Kolmogorov Exponential Inequality for Negatively Dependent
Random Variables
                                           Andrei Volodin…………….249

Erdos-Renyi-Shepp Laws for Arrays with Application to Bootstrapped
Sample Means
                                      Deli Li and
                                       Andrew Rosalsky……………..255

Preliminary Test Estimation of Regression Coefficients in an Exponential
Regression Model with Censored Observations

Properties and Applications of Measurable Covers and Cores

Meta-Analytical Themes in the History of Statistics: 1700 to 1938
                                        Keith O’Rourke……………….285

Estimation of Distribution Function and Median in Two Phase Sampling
                                             Sarjinder Singh and
                                            Anwar H.Joarderr…… ……..301

Influential Observations in a Preliminary Test Estimator of the Mean
                                           Chien -Pai Han……………….321

In September 2000,the Executive Board of the Islamic Society of Statistical Science
Awarded a gold medal to Professor Syed Ejaz Ahmed in recognition of his contributions
To the statistical literature and his interest in the advancement of Statistics,which has motivated Pakistanis,in particular,and Muslim statisticians,in general,to undertake research in this discipline.As a further acknowledgement of his scholarly work and dedication,the Board mandated the publication of this specila issue of the Pakistan Journal of Statistics.
Professor Ahmed received a PH.D from Carleton University in 1987,having previously abtained Master’s degree from the University of Guelph(1984) and the University of Karachi(1997).He taught in the Department of Statistical and Actuarial Sciences at the University of Western Ontario form January 1987 to August 1989,at which point he made a career move to the University of Regina,Department of Mathematics and Statistics,where he was promoted to the rank of Associate Professor in July 1993 and of full professor in July 1998.He became Head of the Mathematics and Statistics Department at the University of Regina in July 1999.While in this position,he institute an Actuarial Science program with corporate sponsorship,joint programs with Biology and Economics,a co-op program in Statistics,hired several outstanding faculty member,formally established a center for statistical consulting and research,acting to date as its founding director,and set up a state-of-the-art computing laboratory,as his department expanded.He has been responsible for several initiatives that attract students to studies in his department,Effective July 1,2002,he will become Head of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the Univeristy of Windsor,Windsor,Ontario.
Professor Ahmed developed and taught a variety of courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.He also established the Master’s of Science and Doctoral programs in Statistics,and produced the first PH.D.student in Statistics at the University of Regina.He has since supervised several graduate students both at the Master’s and PH.D.levels.His students hold positions in universities and industries in Canada,the United States and abroad.
His area of expertise is Mathematical Statistics,more specifically,statistical inference,multivariate analysis,and asymptotic theory.He is a foremost scholar who brought the substantial benefits of James-Stein estimation to bear on complicated the fovus of significant research developments in the early 21st century.The continuous financial support that he received from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and other sources since 1988 attests to quality of his research.Professor Ahmed is an outstanding statistician who has published more than seventy-five research articles in refereed journals,co-edited two volumes of conference proceedings,and organized many conference sessions,workshops,and symposia,He made more than seventy invited/contributed scholarly presentations in various countries.He also spent time as a visiting scholar at Bowling Green University,Univeristy of Exeter,Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysis,Centre de Recherche Mathematique de l’Universite de Montreal,Kuwait Unveristy,the Lahore Univeristy and Aga Khan Medical Univeristy,among others.He is an elected member of the International Statistics Institute,and a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society.
Dr.Ahmed has several the profession in a number of ways.For example,he has been on the editorial board of several statistical journals,a member of the board of directors of the Statistical Society of Canada,and has chaired its Education Committee,he has carried out various consulting activities for industry,crown corporations and the government of Saskatchewan.He acted as chief judge for statistical projects at the Canada Wide Youth Science Fair in 1997.He has also been a member of the Human Rights Committee of the Canadian Mathematical Society.
In addition to his professional activites,Dr.Ahmed has involved himself in his cultural community:Ambassador,Pakistani Pavilion,Mosaic ’94,Regina;Co-ordinator,Regina Urdu Language School,Regina,1992-1997;President,Islamic Association of Saskatchewan,Regina Inc.,1994-1996;Manager,Pakistani Pavilion,Mosaic ’97,Regina;Chairman and President,Saskatchewan Urdu Language Foundation,1992-2002.More recently,he has been coordinator of the Muslims for Peace and Justice organization of Regina.
This special issue comprises fourteen articles written by colleagues,students and academic friends of Dr.Ahmed.I should add that their response to my invitation to partake in this publication was uniformly enthusiastic.As Guest Editor,I was delighted to have the opportunity to bring this undertaking to fruition.Professor Ahmed’s commitment and experience in teaching,research,administration and community service,as well as his numerious scholarly contributions indeed make him exceptionally worthy of this honour.

Serge B.Provost
March 2002