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International Relations and Development Studies

A Multi-disciplinary Degree

at the

University of Windsor

The International Relations and Development Studies program consists of 22 core courses plus and additional 12 courses chosen from either the International Relations Stream or the International Development Stream,  leaving the student with six “free options.”

The program in International Relations and Development Studies links courses in several areas of study in order to provide a broad understanding of the dynamics of global society and a useful preparation for a wide variety of careers relating to the international field.

The program draws primarily on the resources of Political Science, Economics, History,
Geography, Sociology and Anthropology. Beyond a common core of 22 courses, students may choose to emphasize either an International Relations or an International Development stream of concentration.

Experience has shown that this long-established and comprehensive program provides an excellent background for careers in diplomatic services, international institutions, internationally oriented non-governmental organizations, journalism, banking, international business, teaching and law.

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