House Sales in Glengarry and Wellington-Crawford Neighbourhoods, Windsor, Ontario, since 1980s.

  • These neighbourhoods are defined below.
Map of House Sales and Prices in Glengarry or Wellington-Crawford Neighbourhood.
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Definition of the Glengarry Neighbourhood in Windsor, Ontario.
The Glengarry Neighbourhood begins at the eastern side of Windsor’s casino, and extends approximately two kilometres almost as far as Walkerville. Its northern boundary is Riverside Drive East, which runs along the riverbank, and its southern boundary is Wyandotte Street East.
The neighbourhood includes houses in the 100- to 500-blocks of twelve north-south avenues or roads (ordered from west to east): Glengarry Avenue, Aylmer Avenue, Louis Avenue; Marentette Avenue, Parent Avenue, Langlois Avenue; Pierre Avenue, Hall Avenue, Moy Avenue; Gladstone Avenue, Lincoln Road and Windermere Road.
It also includes houses in the 500- up to 1500-blocks of four east-west streets or avenue (ordered from north to south): Chatham Street East, University Avenue East, Assumption Street and Brant Street.
Definition of the Wellington-Crawford Neighbourhood in Windsor, Ontario.
The Wellington-Crawford neighbourhood begins approximately halfway between downtown Windsor and the University of Windsor, and so, its farthest-west house is 1.8km west from downtown, and its farthest-east house is 0.5km west from downtown. It is located south of Riverside Drive West, and north of Wyandotte Street West, with a western boundary on Campbell Avenue, and an eastern boundary on Dougall Avenue.
Surveyed houses are located in the 100- to 500-blocks of twelve north-south avenues or streets, and the 400-blocks of two short streets named Karl Place and Vera Place.