On this page you will find a list of recent publications and abstracts.

Refereed Journal Articles

Gick, M. L. & Sirois, F. M. (accepted). Insecure attachment moderates women's adjustment to inflammatory bowel disease severity. Rehabilitation Psychology.

Williams-Piehota, P., Sirois, F. M.  Bann, C., Isenberg, K., & Walsh, E. G. (accepted).  Agents of change: How do CAM providers play a role in health behavior change? Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine.

Bann, C. B., Sirois, F. M., & Walsh, E. G. (accepted). Provider support in complementary and alternative medicine: Exploring the role of empowerment. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

Wilson, K. ,& Sirois, F. M. (2010). Birth attendant choice and satisfaction with antenatal care: The role of birth philosophy, relational style, and health self-efficacy. Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology, 28, 69-83. abstract.

Sirois, F. M. (2009). Psychological adjustment to inflammatory bowel disease: The importance of considering disease activity. American Journal of Gastroenterology, 104, 2970-2972. abstract

Sirois, F. M. (2009). Comment on "Preventive screening of women who use complementary and alternative medicine providers". Journal of Women's Health, 18(8), 119-120. abstract

Greene, A. M., Walsh, E. G., Sirois, F. M., & McCaffrey, A. (2009). Perceived benefits of complementary and alternative medicine: A whole systems research perspective. The Open Complementary Medicine Journal, 1, 35-45. abstract and open access full text

Voth, J., & Sirois, F. M. (2009). The role of self-blame and responsibility in adjustment to inflammatory bowel disease. Rehabilitation Psychology, 54, 99-108. abstract

Sirois, F. M., & Purc-Stephenson, R. (2008). Personality and consultations with complementary and alternative medicine practitioners: A five factor model investigation of degree of use and motives. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 14, 1151-1158. abstract

Sirois, F. M., & Purc-Stephenson, R. (2008). When one door closes, another door opens: Physician availability and motivations to consult complementary and alternative medicine providers. Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, 14, 228-236. abstract

Wolfe, B., & Sirois, F. M. (2008). Beyond standard quality of life measures: The subjective experiences of living with inflammatory bowel disease. Quality of Life Research, 16, 877-886. abstract

Sirois, F. M. (2008). Motivations for consulting complementary and alternative medicine practitioners: A comparison of consumers from 1997-8 and 2005. BioMed Central Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 8 (16). open access full text

Sirois, F. M., & Purc-Stephenson, R. (2008). Consumer decision factors for initial and long-term use of complementary and alternative medicine. Complementary Health Practice Review, 13, 3-19. abstract

Sirois, F. M.  (2008). Provider-based complementary and alternative medicine use among three chronic illness groups: Associations with psychosocial factors and concurrent use of conventional health-care services. Complementary Therapies in Medicine, 16 (2), 74-81. abstract

Hebb, A. L. O., Anger, G. J., Mendella, P. D., Sirois, F. M., Gilbert, R. W., & Zacharko, R. M. (2007). The myth of panic spontaneity: Consideration of behavioral and neurochemical sensitization. The Open Psychiatry Journal, 1, 1-25. abstract and open access full text

Sirois, F. M.  (2007). "I'll look after my health, later": A replication and extension of the procrastination-health model with community-dwelling adults. Personality and Individual Differences, 43, 15-26. abstract

Sirois, F. M., Davis, C. G., & Morgan, M. (2006). "Learning to live with what you can't rise above": Control beliefs, symptom control, and adjustment to tinnitus. Health Psychology,25(1), 119-123. abstract

Sirois, F. M. (2004). Procrastination and counterfactual thinking:  Avoiding what might have been, British Journal of Social Psychology, 43, 269-286. abstract

Sirois, F. M.  (2004). Procrastination and intentions to perform health behaviors: The role of self-efficacy and the consideration of future consequences. Personality and Individual Differences, 37(1),115-128. abstract

Sirois, F. M.,  Melia-Gordon, M.L., & Pychyl, T. A., (2003).  "I'll look after my health, later": An investigation of procrastination and health. Personality and Individual Differences, 35(5), 1167-1184. abstract

Sirois, F. M.  (2002). Treatment seeking and experience with complementary/alternative medicine:  A continuum of choice.  Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 8(2),  127-134. abstract

Sirois, F. M., & Gick, M.L. (2002).  An investigation of the health beliefs and motivations of complementary medicine clients. Social Science and Medicine, 55 (6), 1025-1037. abstract


Taylor, S. E., & Sirois, F. M.  (2009). Health Psychology, 1st Canadian Edition McGraw-Hill Ryerson Ltd. link

Book Chapters

Sirois, F. M.  (2007). Procrastination and motivations for household safety behaviors: An expectancy-value theory perspective. In L. V. Brown (Ed.) Psychology of Motivation, Nova Science Publishers, pp. 153-165. abstract

Refereed Journal Articles Under Review

Hirsch, J.K., Sirois, F. M. , & Lyness, J.M. (submitted). Functional impairment and depressive symptoms in older adults: Mitigating effects of hope. Manuscript submitted to British Journal of Health Psychology.

Sirois, F. M., Monforton, J., & Simpson, M. (revised and resubmitted). "If only I had done better": Perfectionism and the functionality of counterfactual thinking. Manuscript submitted to Personality & Social Psychology Bulletin.

Sirois, F. M. & Tosti, N. (submitted). Lost in the moment? An investigation of procrastination, mindfulness, and well-being. Invited submission for a special issue of the Journal of Rational-Emotive & Cognitive-Behavior Therapy.

Refereed Journal Articles in Revision

Sirois, F. M., Voth, J., & Pychyl, T. A. (In revison for resubmission). A longitudinal study of procrastination, health and well-being. Manuscript submitted to European Journal of Personality.

Sirois, F. M.  (In revision).  The search for the placebo responder: Towards an integrated model of the placebo effect, Manuscript submitted to Psychological Bulletin.

Refereed Journal Articles in Preparation

Monforton, J. & Sirois, F. M. (In preparation). "At least my friends are here": The role of counterfactual thoughts in restoring Extraverts' mood following social stress.

Sirois, F. M. & Eren, E. (In preparation). Knowing the better and doing the worse: A longitudinal study of procrastination, temptation, and making healthy changes.

Sirois, F. M. & Hirsch, J. K. (In preparation). Psychological thriving and positive change expectations in people with arthritis.

Sirois, F. M. & Hirsch, J. K.(In preparation). Profiles of psychological thriving, resilience, and loss in people living with chronic illness.

Sirois, F. M., Wolfe, B., & Voth, J. (In preparation). Understanding the coping strategies of people with inflammatory bowel disease.