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Analysis and resources | Alternative Information Network in former Yugoslavia (AIM - network of independent journalists providing news and information relating to former Yugoslavia. Site updated on daily basis) | Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia (recent reports on minorities in Serbia) | INCORE guide to Internet sources on conflict and ethnicity in Serbia and Montenegro | Press Now (since April 1993 Press Now stands for independent media in former Yugoslavia. With signing of the agreements of Dayton, Ohio an at least provisional end of war in former Yugoslavia seems to be reached and beginning can be made with reconstruction of democratic life. Repairing civic society - including good functioning of independent media - requires high priority) | Radio Free Europe - South East Europe Newsline (up-to-date news from region) |

Articles and reports | Belgrade Burning? - Report from Belgrade 98/10/12 (Aleksandar Boskovic, CTheory) | The Current Bombings: Behind the Rhetoric (Noam Chomsky) | "NATO Air Strikes Against Yugoslavia: 'War in Europe'" (March 25, 1999, Foreign Media Reaction Daily Digest, Office of Research and Media Reaction, US Information Agency) | "Serbian Nationalism and the Origins of the Yugoslav Crisis" (by Vesna Pesic - USIP report written in 1996, gives very extensive insight into issue of Serbian Nationalism) |


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