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General | Communications for a Sustainable Future | The Directory of Scholarly and Professional E-Conferences (screens, evaluates and organizes discussion lists, newsgroups, MUDS, MOO'S, Muck's, Mushes, mailing lists, interactive Web chat groups etc. for scholars and professionals) | Mailbase Electronic Mailing List Service (discussion lists for higher education, University of Newcastle) | Liszt: Searchable Directory of e-mail discussion groups | Red Rock Eater News Service (RRE - organized by Phil Agre - pagre@ucla.edu. Subscribers receive 5-10 messages a week on average. Messages have no single format: they simply contain whatever I find interesting and these days tend to concern social and political aspects of computing and networking) | TILE.NET/LISTS (The Reference to Internet Discussion & Information Lists - reference to all LISTSERV, ListProc and Majordomo email discussion and announcement lists on Internet) | Virtual Community Mailing List (discussion and news about online life and community, technologies that support them, ways and methods for organization and design, and social effects, Virtual Community Workshop) |

Social science | H-Net (Humanities and Social Sciences Online) List of Lists (network linking professors, teachers and students in egalitarian exchange of ideas and materials) | Scout Report for Social Sciences (biweekly collection of Internet resources covering topics in fields chosen by librarians and content specialists in given area of study) |

Political science | Democracies Online Newswire (DO-WIRE - low volume, moderated, e-mail announcement list covering convergence of democracies and Internet around world) | Liszt Politics Mailing Lists | The Political Science List of Lists (Illinois State University) | Political Science Related Mailing Lists (index of political science and politics scholarly discussion lists) |

Area studies | Africa Discussion Group/Mailing Lists (Stanford University) | Irish Mailing Lists / Listserves | REVS - Racial-Religious-Ethno-Nationalist Violence Studies (news and information, research, and theoretical and analytical comments on current and historical aspects of collective violence based on racial-religious-ethnic discrimination) | Scottish Issues Electronic Discussion List (discussion of Scottish culture, media, politics, identity, nationalism, devolution - and independence) | Scottish Politics Mailing List |


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