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Indian viewpoint | The truth about Kashmir (Indian Army, Srinagar) | Jammu and Kashmir (pro-Indian Kashmiris) | Press Information Bureau (official Indian government statements on relations with Pakistan) | Kashmir Information Network (denounces "Pakistani terrorism") | The Times of India (archives and powerful research engine) | The Hindu (archives and access to Frontline archives) |

Pakistani viewpoint | Government of Pakistan (contains "Kashmir : no end to Indian repression" and agreements adopted by Pakistani and Indian governments in February 1999) | Jammu and Kashmir (primarily aimed at tourism, site also contains historical, economic and political information) | The Dawn (daily newspaper in English) | The Frontier Post (daily newspaper with archives) | News Network International (Pakistan's largest independent newspaper) |

Resources | The Acronym Institute (official government staments on nuclear tests) | Contemporary Conflicts - Kashmir (Canadian Forces College) | INCORE guide to Internet sources on conflict and ethnicity in Kashmir | Indian and Pakistani Nuclear Tests (Center for Nonproliferation Studies) | Information Times (discussion forums, briefs on conflict and articles) | The Kargil Situation (Indian Ministry of External Affairs) | Kashmir as de facto Disputed Territory (Kashmir World-Wide Web Virtual Library) | Kashmir Solidarity Day (Islamic Republic of Pakistan) | Kashmiri-Canadian Council (non-profit organization supporting Kashmiri self-determination. Site contains maps, Indo-Pakistani agreements on region and articles on human rights) | Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (NGO with page on history of Indo-Pakistani nuclear testing) | Nuclear Testing in India and Pakistan: Selected Internet Resources (University of California, Berkeley) | South Asia Citizen Web (opposed to nuclear weapons, war and religious extremism) | United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan |

Articles and reports | A Dangerous Confrontation Between India and Pakistan | Amnesty International (February 1999 report on disappearances in Indian sector, police practices, constitutional rights, testimonies, etc.) | BBC News - Conflict in Kashmir | Le Monde diplomatique - Cachemire : l'ombre du nucléaire (June 4, 1999) |


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