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| American Institute for Contemporary German Studies | A Concrete Curtain: The Life and Death of the Berlin Wall (central feature of this fine site posted to the Web late last month is a hypertext history of the Berlin Wall and the significant events of the cold war that featured prominently in its life and death. Memorial de Caen, France) | Canada-Germany Relations (DFAIT Canada) | Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund (DGB - union federation) | Facts about Germany | German Studies Trail on the Internet (University of North Carolina) | German Studies Web | Germ News (up-to-date information) | Germany | Germany (University of Hannover) | H-German Homepage | Institut fur Politikwissenschaft | Political Resources on the Net - Germany | Resources on Germany (Australian National University) | US State Department Background Notes | The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: German Subject Catalogue: Politics and Social Sciences | The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Germany |


| Basic Law (constitution) | Bundestag (lower house) and Bundesrat (upper house) | Bundesbank | Bundeslander (states of the Federal Republic) | The Federal Chancellor | The Federal Constitutional Court | Federal Government | Federal Foreign Office | The Federal President | Federal Statistics Office | Ministry of Defence | Ministry for the Environment | Ministry for Education, Science and Technology | Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry | Ministry of Information | Press and Information Office of the Federal Republic |

Political Parties and Elections

| Christian Democratic Union (CDU) - Konrad Adenauer Foundation | Election Results in Germany | Elections in Germany | Free Democrats (FDP) | The Greens | Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS) | Political Parties & Youth Organizations in Germany | Republikaner | Social Democrats (SPD) - Friedrich Ebert Foundation Homepage |

1998 German Federal Elections | Election Special 1998 (Inter Nationes Press) | Élections allemandes (Le Monde) | German Election (BBC News) | German Elections: Profile of the Two Main Parties (Washington Post) | Germany Votes--Bundestag Elections 1998 (CNN) |

News Media

| Deutsche Welle | Die Tageszeitung (Berlin) | Die Welt (Hamburg) | Die Zeit (Hamburg) | RADIKAL | Rheinische Post (Düsseldorf) | Süddeutsche Zeitung (Munich) |


| West European Politics | Online Resource Guide to Political Inquiry |

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