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Articles and reports | Amnesty International publications and news releases 1996 - Mexico | CTheory - "Zapatistas: The Recombinant Movie" (Ricardo Dominguez, Nov. 21, 1996), "Electronic Zapatismo" (Ricardo Dominguez, Jan. 21, 1998) and "The Ante-Chamber of Revolution - A Prelude to a Theory of Resistance and Maps" (Ricardo Dominguez, Nov. 18, 1998) | Electronic Civil Disobedience archive - "The Zapatista Tactical FloodNet" (Brett Stalbaum, 1998) | Harry Cleaver - "The Zapatistas and the International Circulation of Struggle: Lessons Suggested and Problems Raised" (1998), "Zapatistas in Cyberspace: An Accion Zapatista Report" (1998) and "The Zapatistas and The Electronic Fabric of Struggle" (1995) | Le Monde diplomatique - Mexique (index par pays) | Rand Corporation - The Zapatista "Social Netwar" in Mexico (1998) | Ricardo Dominguez - "Recombinant Networks" (August 1997) | Socialist Register - "Real and Virtual Chiapas: Magic Realism and the Left" (Judith Adler Hellman, SR 2000, "Necessary and Unnecessary Utopias") | Stefan Wray - "The Drug War and Information Warfare in Mexico" (Masters Thesis, University of Texas at Austin, 1997) and "Mexico rebel supporters hack government home page" (Feb. 4 1998) |


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