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General resources | EuroInternet (Vienna University) | EUROLINK : Un index Pan-Européen | Europa Links | Europe Online | European Community Studies Association (University of Pittsburgh) | European Governments on the WWW | The European Site | Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies (Harvard University) | Polis - Starting Point to European Politics | Political Resources on the Net - Europe | West European Studies Virtual Library (University of Pittsburgh) | Western European Specialists Section | Yahoo's Western Europe Links |

Data | The Data Archive (University of Essex - collection of accessible computer-readable data in social sciences and humanities) | Eurodata Research Archive | Networked European Social Science Tools and Resources (NESSTAR) | The r.cade project (Resource Centre for Access to Data on Europe - interdisciplinary resource centre to help identify and acquire data for European social sciences) |

Economy | Centre for European Economic and Public Affairs (CEEPA - University College Dublin) | European Business Directory (database of 150,000 companies in 25 countries) |

Elections and political movements | The Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (University of Michigan) | Electoral Behaviour and Political Parties | Elections around the world | European Forum For Democracy and Solidarity | European Political Parties (EUPOP) | European Political Resources | Parliaments around the World | Parliaments of the World | Worldwide Directory of Parties |

History | EuroDocs: Primary Historical Documents from Western Europe (Brigham Young University) |

Media | Arte (European Cultural Television) | BBC World Service - Europe Today Home Page | European Business News (EBN) | European Newspaper Services on the Internet (European online newspapers) | European Politics Daily (Danish press review) |

Public policy | European Policy Research Unit (EPRU - Department of Government, University of Manchester) | Eurotext (database contains documents covering 28 key policy areas and subject gateway to Internet resources relevant to the study of Europe) |


| West European Politics | Online Resource Guide to Political Inquiry |

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