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General resources | "The Europeanisation of immigration politics" (Adrian Favell, European Integration online Papers (EIoP) Vol. 2 (1998) No. 10) | "Debate on Islamic veils inflames passions" (Lara Marlowe, Irish Times, January 13, 1999) | Package for Europe - Measures for Human Rights, Minority-Protection, Cultural Diversity and Economic and Social Cohesion (elaborated by the section "Ethnic Minorities and Regional Autonomies" of the European Academy of Bolzano / Bozen) |

European Court of Justice and sexual orientation | Discrimination based on sexual orientation is not covered by equal pay rules of the Treaty (Recent Case-Law of Court of Justice and Court of First Instance, ask for Case #C-249/96) | Judgment of the Court of Justice in Case C-249/96 - Lisa Jacqueline Grant v South-West Trains Ltd (Court of Justice Press Release No 5/98, February 17, 1998) | "Lesbian couple lose equal rights case" (BBC News, February 17, 1998) | "Transexuals lose court battle" (BBC News, July 30, 1998) |

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