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Political parties and elections | Algemeen Ouderenverbond (General Elder People's League, pensioners' party) | Centrumdemocraten (Centre Democrats, xenophobic) | Christen Democratisch App╦l (Christian-Democratic Appeal, christian-democratic) | de Groenen (The Greens, ecologist) | Democraten 66 (Democrats 66, social-liberal) | Elections in the Netherlands | Gereformeerd Politiek Verbond (Reformed Political League, christian conservative) | Groen Links (Green Left, ecologist and socialist) | Kiezerscollectief (Voters' Collective) | Natuurwetpartij (Natural Law Party) | Nederland Mobiel (Netherlands Mobile) | Nederlandse Middenstands Partij (Dutch Middle Class Party) | Nieuwe Communistische Partij Nederland (New Communist Party of the Netherlands) | Nieuw Sociaal Ouderenverbond (New Social Elder People's League) | Partij van de Arbeid (Labour Party, social-democratic) | Reformatorische Politieke Federatie (Reformatorian Political Federation, christian-fundamentalist) | Senioren 2000 (Seniors 2000) | Sociaal Democratische Volkspartij (Social Democratic People's Party) | Sociaal Liberaal Front (Social Liberal Front) | Socialistische Partij (Socialist Party, extreme left) | Volksnationalisten Nederland (Popular Nationalists of the Netherlands) | Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie (People's Party for Freedom and Democracy, conservative liberal) | Vrije Indische Partij (Free Indian Party) |

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