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General resources | CIA World Fact Book - Denmark | Centre for Scandinavian Studies (Flinder University, Australia) | Denmark Index (ICL - constitution and monarchy) | Landesorganisationen i Danmark (LO- union federation) | Nordic Council - Press Releases and Publications Catalogue | Nordic Forecasts (longterm economic, political and business outlook for the four main Nordic countries) | Political Resources on the Net - Denmark |

Government | Folketing (People's Diet - parliament) | Ministry of Education | Ministry of Foreign Affairs | Parliament | Statens Information (guide to national and regional government) | Statistics Denmark |

Political parties and elections | Centrum-Demokraterne (Centre-Democrats, conservative) | Danish General Election 1994 | Danish Political Parties (Royal Danish Embassy, Washington, D.C.) | Dansk Center Parti (Danish Centre Party) | Dansk Folkeparti (Danish People's Party, nationalist) | De Gr¯nne (The Greens, ecologist) | Demokratisk Fornyelse (Democratic Union) | Elections in Denmark | Enhedslisten-de r¯d-gr¯nne (Unity List-The Red Greens, extreme left) | Faelleslisten mod Invandringen (Common List Against Immigrants) | Fremskridtspartiet (Progress Party, nationalist) | Internationale Socialister (International Socialists) and Marxisme Online | Kommunistisk Parti i Danmark (Communist Party of Denmark, communist) | Konservative Folkeparti (Conservative People's Party, conservative) | Kristeligt Folkeparti (Christian People's Party, christian-democratic) | Radikale Venstre (Radical Left-Social Liberal Party, social-liberal) | Retsforbundet (Justice League, liberal) | Schleswigsche Partei (Slesvig Party, German Minority) | Socialdemokratiet i Danmark (Social Democracy in Denmark, social-democratic) | Socialistisk Folkeparti (Socialist People's Party, socialist) | Venstre, Danmarks liberale parti (Left, Liberal Party of Denmark, conservative liberal) | Venstresocialisterne (Left Socialists) |

Faroe Islands (Danish overseas territory)

General resources | Political Resources on the Net - Faroe Islands |

Government | Faroese Employment Office | Governments on the WWW: Faeroes | The National Library of the Faroe Islands |

Political parties and elections | Elections in the Faroe Islands | Fólkaflokkurin (People's Party) | Javnadarflokkurin (Social-Democratic Party) | Popular Initiative for a Constituent National Assembly (for Greenland and the Faroe Islands) | Sambandsflokkurin (Union Party) | Sjálvstýrisflokkurin (Self-Government Party) | Tjóveldisflokkurin (Party for People's Government) |

Greenland (Danish overseas territory)

General resources | ASIAQ (Greenland Field Investigations) | Greenland (Danish Tourist Board) | Greenland Guide | Greenland Directory | Gronland pa nettet (Greenland on the Net) | Political Resources on the Net - Greenland |

Government | Aasiaat Kommuneat (Municipality of Aasiaat) | Governments on the WWW: Greenland | Greenland Home Rule Government | Inuit Ataqatigiit (Inuit Community, Communist) | Kalaallit Nunaanni Kommuneqarfiit Kattuffiat (Association of Municipalities in Greenland) | Kommunale Links i Gronland (Link to Greenland Municipalities) | Minerals Office (Government of Greenland) | Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia (Public and National Library of Greenland) | Nuup Kommuneat (Municipality of Nuup) | Qasigiannguit kommuneat (Municipality of Qasigiannguit) | Statistics Greenland | Uummannaq Kommune (Municipality of Uummannaq) |

Political parties and elections | Atassut - Gronlands liberale parti (Greenland's Liberal Party) | Elections in Greenland | Siumut (Forward, Social-Democratic) |

Media | KNR Online (Public Broadcasting Service) |


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