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| Crisisweb (International Crisis Group - private, multinational organisation committed to strengthening capacity of international community to understand and respond to impending crises) | European Platform for Conflict Prevention and Transformation (network of European non-governmental organisations involved in the prevention and/or resolution of violent conflicts in international arena) | Forum on Early Warning and Early Response (FEWER) | Institute for International Mediation and Conflict Resolution (IIMCR) | Institute for Global Communications (IGC) | International Crisis Group | Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School | UNIDIR DATARIs (UN Institute for Disarmament Research, in cooperation with SIPRI, maintain collection of databases providing information from and about research institutes specializing in international relations and security) |

Research Institutions

| Carnegie Commission on Preventing Deadly Conflict | Centre for International and Security Studies (York University) | LaMarsh Centre for Research on Violence and Conflict Resolution (York University) | Peace and Conflict (University of Colorado) | SIPRI (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute - conducts scientific research on questions of conflict and cooperation with aim of contributing to understanding of conditions for peaceful solution of international conflicts and stable peace) | Virtual Diplomacy (US Institute of Peace) | World Policy Institute (New School for Social Research) |


| Conflict Archive on the Internet (CAIN Project, University of Ulster) | Conflict Prevention Resources Site (The Winston Foundation for World Peace) | Initiative on Conflict Resolution and Ethnicity (INCORE) and Peace Agreements 1989-1999, Index (joint initiative of University of Ulster and United Nations University) | International Relations and Security Network (ISN - one-stop information service in fields of international relations and security) | Peace and Security WWW Server (Canadian Forces College) - War Peace and Security Guide and Contemporary Conflicts |


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