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Journal Articles

| African Law Today - "Internet Usage in Africa: A Brief Overview" (Michael R. Littenberg, October 1997) | Cybersociology Magazine - Grassroots Political Activism Online (Issue 5, April, 1999) and "Cyberpower and the Meaning of Online Activism" (Tim Jordan, Issue Five, April 1999) | "Cyberwar is Coming!" (John Arquilla and David Ronfeldt, Comparative Strategy 12, April-June 1993: 141-65) | Dorothy E. Denning - "Activism, Hacktivism and Cyberterrorism: The Internet as a tool for Influencing Foreign Policy" (Georgetown University) | First Monday - "Habits of Mind and A New Technology of Freedom" (Lloyd Morrisett, Vol. 1, No. 3, Sept. 1996), "Indonesia: From Mainstream to Alternative Media" (Andreas Harsono, First Monday, 1996), "E-Mail for Democracy? A Comforting Image" (Inga Treitler, Issue 3, 1997), "Internet in Serbia: From the Dark Side of the Moon to Internet Revolution" (Drazen Pantic, 1997), "The Internet in Sierra Leone: The Way Forward?" (John Abdul Kargbo, 1997), "Predicting E-mail Effects in Organizations" (EricWilliams, Issue 3, 1998), "The Internet and Public Discourse" (Phil Agre, Issue 3, 1998), "Power to the People: The Role of Electronic Media in Promoting Democracy in Africa" (Dana Ott, 1998), "Declarations, Independence, and Text in the Information Age" (Richard J. Cox, Vol. 4, No. 6, June 1999) |

Electronically-based Articles

| Olu Oguibe - "Forsaken Geographies - Cyberspace and the New World 'Other'" (5th International Cyberspace Conference, Madrid, June 1996) and "On Digital 'Third Worlds'" (interview, Springer Magazine) | "Race, Ethnicity, Culture, and Cyberspace" (Arthur R. McGee, AFROAM-L Archives - February 1995) | Daniel Dolan - "The Problem of Online Hate Groups" (International University of Japan, July 26, 1999) | Gary Chapman - "National Security and the Internet" (LBJ School of Public Affairs, University of Texas) | Motohiro Tsuchiya - "Regional Conflict and the Internet: World Wide Web Saved Kosovo?" (International University of Japan, July 14, 1999) | Pippa Norris - A Virtuous Circle: Political Communications in Post-Industrial Democracies (John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University) | Rob Kling and Roberta Lamb - "Bits of Cities: Utopian Visions and Social Power in Placed-Based and Electronic Communities" (Center for Social Informatics Working Paper No. 96-02, Sept. 1996) | Stefan Wray - "Electronic Civil Disobedience and the World Wide Web of Hacktivism: A Mapping of Extraparliamentarian Direct Action Net Politics" (paper for: The World Wide Web and Contemporary Cultural Theory Conference, Drake University, November 1998), "Towards Bottom-Up Information Warfare: Theory and Practice: Version 1.0" (Electronic Civil Disobedience archive 1998), "On Electronic Civil Disobedience" (Peace Review 11, no. 1, (1999), forthcoming; Electronic Civil Disobedience archive 1998), "Paris Salon or Boston Tea Party? Recasting Electronic Democracy, A View from Amsterdam" (Peace Review 11, no. 1, (1999), forthcoming; Electronic Civil Disobedience archive 1998) | InfoWar (Gerfried Stocker and Christine Schopf, eds., Wien, Austria: Springer 1998, Ars Electronica Festival 1998) | Ricardo Dominguez - "SWARM: An ECD Project for Ars Electronica Festival '98" (1998) | "Chronology of SWARM" (Electronic Disturbance Theater, Electronic Civil Disobedience archive) | "Email Message From DISA to NYU Computer Security" (Electronic Civil Disobedience archive) | Electronic Disturbance Theater's call for Electronic Civil Disobedience on November 22, 1998 | The Control Revolution: How the Internet is Putting Individuals in Charge and Changing the World We Know (Andrew Shapiro) | Net Loss: Government, Technology and the Political Economy of Community in the Age of the Internet (Nathan Newman) |

Newspaper and Magazine Articles

| The Atlantic Monthly - The Great Disruption (Francis Fukuyama, May 1999) | "US cyber terrorism plea" (January 22, 1998) | "Canada urged to step up computer security" (Richard Mackie, The Globe and Mail, April 3, 1999) | Irish Times - "The revolution will be downloaded" (how relief agencies, activists and revolutionaries use Net, Sarah Marriott, Dec. 28, 1998), "Citizens to surf no 'evil'" (Hacktivism: Political hackers poke holes in great firewall of China, Maggie Farley, Jan. 11, 1999), "Tackling Internet terrorists in the US abortion wars" (Elaine Lafferty, Feb. 6, 1999) and "The times they've been a changin'" (Michael Cunningham and Fiachra OMarcaigh on five big changes in five years, Feb. 22, 1999) | New York Times - "The Internet's 'Open Sesame' Is Answered Warily" (Douglas Jehl, March 18, 1999) and "For First Time in War, E-Mail Plays Vital Role" (March 29, 1999) | The Ottawa Citizen - "E-Guerrillas in the mist" (Bob Paquin, 26 Oct. 1998) | Time Magazine - "Wired for Warfare" (Tim McGirk, Oct. 11, 1999, Vol., 154, No. 15) | USA Today - ""Silence Opens Doors to Fear, Rumors" (March 30, 1999) and "Debating the digital divide" (May 25, 1999) |

Net Media

| ABCNEWS.com - Online Politics (Nov. 8, 1999) | BBC News - "Net rumours shake Malaysia - Rumours about riots in Kuala Lumpur were eventually quashed" (Chris Nuttall, August 10, 1998) and "Internet increases global inequality, says UN" (Internet contributing to ever-widening gap between rich and poor which has now reached "grotesque" proportions, according to new annual UN Human Development Report) | "The Death of Distance - When There is Here and Then is Now" (David Akin) | Internet Freedom News - "Not Cyberterror but Cyberfear" (Dave Amis argues that there is nothing to fear from 'cyberterrorists', Feb. 1, 1999) | IFEX - "Internet censorship newest threat to press freedom, survey warns" (IFEX Communique, Vol. 9 - 17, April 25, 2000) | MSNBC - "$50,000 challenge issued to hackers - London firm says its encryption is unbreakable" (Aug. 25, 1999) | San Jose Mercury - "Political Internet sites studied" (Deb Riechmann, April 9, 2000) | SFGate - "Hey, Ho, We Won't Go Civil Disobedience Comes to the Web" (Jeanne Carstensen) | UNESCO Webworld News - "UN Urged to Narrow Global Digital Divide" (April 25, 2000) | Wired News - "Net Users to Top 200 Million" (Leander Kahney, April 8, 1999), "Another Privacy Hole in IE 5.0?" (Chris Oakes, April 16, 1999) and "How to Fight a Cyberwar" (April 20, 1999) | ZDNet - "Zapatista supporters, US, Mexico clash in bloodless 'Infowar' era protest" (Matthew Broersma, Sept. 9, 1998) and "Backlash: Littleton Tragedy Jolts Internet Future" (Jesse Berst, April 30, 1999) | Technology News - "Cyber war rules being worked on" (Nov.16, 1999) |


| "An Appraisal of Technologies of Political Control" (Interim Study for European Parliament by Steve Wright, January 19, 1998) | "Legal Aspects of Computer-Related Crime in the Information Society" (Ulrich Sieber, University of Wurzburg, COMCRIME-Study, European Commission Legal Advisory Board, January 1, 1998) | Falling Through the Net II: New Data on the Digital Divide and Falling Through the Net: Defining the Digital Divide (US National Telecommunications and Information Administration) | Human Rights Watch - The Internet in the Mideast and North Africa (survey report on the status of the Internet in the Middle East and North Africa) | "Legal Aspects of Government-Sponsored Prohibitions Against Racist Propaganda on the Internet: The US Perspective" (presented at "Hate Speech and the Internet", Geneva, Switzerland, November 1997, Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section, US Department of Justice) |


| Netizens - On the History and Impact of the Net (page contains links to Michael Hauben's and Ronda Hauben's on-line Netbook. This netbook presents history and impact of various aspects of Net: the Internet, ARPANET, Usenet, etc) | net.wars (Wendy M. Grossman, NYU Press, 1997) | "Wired World: Communications Technology, Governance, and the Democratic Uprising" (Adam Jones, in Edward Comor, ed., The Global Political Economy of Communication: Hegemony, Telecommunication and the Information Economy, London: Macmillan, 1994) |


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