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Resources | Colombia - A Country Study (covers all aspects of life in Colombia, including - Contemporary racial and Ethnic Trends, Internal Security Problems and Guerrilla and Terrorist Groups (Library of Congress) | Country Map - Colombia (Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection, University of Texas at Austin) | Derechos Human Rights: Colombia (links to various reports and documents, specifically relevant to human rights in Colombia) | The Ethnologue (information on ethnic groups in Colombia) | Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom Travel Advisories (information on recent political developments issued regularly through year) | INCORE guide to Internet sources on conflict and ethnicity in Colombia | Oxfam-UK: Colombia Focus (currently running a 'Cut Conflict' campaign, using Colombia as one prime focus area. One focus piece is in relation to Colombia's Dirty War and offers extensive and informative information on Who's Who in Colombia's Conflict?) | Peace Brigades International: Colombia (PBI project in Colombia is one of the organisations few long term projects which works in conjunction with local human rights activists and NGO's. Their site provides information on Human Rights Abuses in Colombia and Details of Relevant Organisations in Colombia | Political Resources on the Net - Colombia - Parties, Governments and Media | Republic of Colombia Government Site (official government site) | Reuters Latest News on Colombia (updated regularly, offers good quality news information relating to conflict) | United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR regular reports and maps on refugee situation in Colombia) | WashingtonPost.com World Reference - Colombia |

Articles and reports | Amnesty International publications and news releases for Colombia, 1996 - and 'Just What Do We Have to Do to Stay Alive?' Colombia's Internally Displaced: Dispossessed and Exiled in Their Own Land (October 1997) | CIA World Factbook - Colombia | Colombia Bulletin (monthly news publication published by Embassy of Colombia in US) | Commission on Human Rights Discusses the Situation in Colombia (produced by UN Office at Geneva, document based on report of office of High Commissioner for Human Rights in Bogota) | Human Rights Watch - Colombia's Killer Networks: The Military-Paramilitary Partnerships and the United States (summary and details of recommendations contained in report) | Le Monde diplomatique - Colombie (index par pays) | "Oil in a Time of War: Multinational Exploration and Its Impact on the Internal Conflict in Colombia" (analyzes issue of oil reserves in Colombia and how potential for lasting settlement to escalating conflict may depend on how contradictions involving oil are finally resolved) | "Peace Policies and Humanization of The Conflict" (Colombian government policy report outlining steps government has taken in search for negotiated political solution to armed conflict with subversive movements) | "Social Cleansing, Human Rights, and Sexual Orientation in Colombia" (extremely long document with introduction by Noam Chomsky) | State of the World Conflict Report: Colombia (Carter Center report on conflict in Colombia, includes demographic numbers on displaced persons, warring factions, numbers of weapons held, and detailed summary of conflict) | US State Department - Human Rights Report on Colombia (rich in political information) |


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