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Articles and reports | A Face of Future Battle: Chechen Fighter Shamil Basayev (MAJ Raymond C. Finch, III, Military Review, June-July 1997) | Amnesty International - Report on Chechnya - Report on the Human Rights situation in Chechnya | BBC News Special Report - The Battle for the Caucasus - "Hackers attack Russian news site" (Dec. 12, 1999) | The Battle of Grozny: Deadly Classroom for Urban Combat (Timothy L. Thomas, Parameters, Summer 1999, pp. 87-102) | CNN.com - "West increases pressure on Russia to halt Chechen war" and "Russia launches new phase of Chechnya operation" | The Caucasus Conflict and Russian Security: The Russian Armed Forces Confront Chechnya III. The Battle for Grozny, 1-26 January 1995 (Timothy L. Thomas, Journal of Slavic Military Studies, Vol. 10, No. 1, March 1997, pp. 50-108) | Chechnya Conflict by Yahoo | Christian Science Monitor - Conflict in Chechnya | Human Rights Watch News on Chechnya | "Internet Insurrection in the North Caucasus" (Joan Beecher Eichrodt, Sept. 1999) | Le Monde diplomatique - "La guerre de Moscou dans le Caucase nord: Kosovo - Tchétchénie, deux poids deux mesures" (Nov. 5, 1999) | Newsunlimited - Chechnya | Oneworldnet - Chechnya (links to reports and press releases of different newspapers and news providers) | Radio Free Europe - Crisis in Chechnya (daily updated information about current war as well as background information) | UNHCR North Caucasus Update (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees' news update on the situation in the Caucasus and information on refugees from Chechnya) | US Department of State International Information Programs - Chechnya | Washingtonpost.com - "Russians Bombard Chechen Capital" | Why the Russian Military Failed in Chechnya (MAJ Raymond C. Finch, III) | Wounded Bear (Report from the US Army Foreign Military Studies Office, August 1996) |


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