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The constitution

General information | Bibliography on Federalism and the Constitutional Debate | Canadian Constitutional Documents and Proposals | Constitutional Legislation (from 1867 to Charlottetown) |

Sources of the Canadian constitution | The Royal Proclamation, 1763 | The Quebec Act, 1774 | The British North America Act, 1867 | The Statute of Westminster, 1931 | La charte de la langue française (la loi 101), 1977 | Constitution Act, 1982 / Loi constitutionnelle de 1982 | North American Free Trade Agreement | Canadian Constitutional Documents Since 1867 |

The Clarity Act | The Clarity Act (Bill C-20) | An Act respecting the exercise of the fundamental rights and prerogatives of the Québec people and the Québec State (Bill 99, Quebec) | Support for sovereignty in Quebec - December 1999 (Ekos Research Associates) |


Supreme Court of Canada Quebec Reference | Reference re Secession of Quebec (August 20, 1998) - Headnote and Reasons |

Perspectives on constitutional change | A Yes for Change (manifesto by Québec group "Intellectuals for Sovereignty") | Aboriginal Constitutional Perspectives and Grand Chief Matthew Coon Come's 1996 Harvard Speech on Aboriginal Rights and Québec Sovereignty | Canada West Foundation Constitutional Position | Constitutional proposals (from Meech to Charlottetown inclusive) | Partenaires pour la souveraineté (Québec based coalition of groups that favour sovereignty) | Post-Referendum Reflections by Leading Political Scientists |

The "Calgary Declaration" public consultation process | BC's Unity Talks | My Canada Is. . . (Government of Alberta) | Canadian Unity - Government of Saskatchewan | Manitoba Legislative Task Force on Canadian Unity | Ontario Speaks: A Dialogue on Canadian Unity | Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick: National Unity Consultation Committee | The Nova Scotia Legislature: Select Committee on National Unity | Canadian Unity: The Newfoundland and Labrador Consultation Process |

International framework | The Commonwealth | La Francophonie | North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) | United Nations |

The Federal Government

| Government of Canada / Gouvernement du Canada | Her Majesty the Queen / Sa Majesté la Reine | The Governor General / Le Gouverneur Général | The Prime Minister / Le Premier ministre | Canada Site (Government of Canada) |

Parliament | Parliament / Parlement - Bills (Text and status for the current session), Parliamentary Internet and Publications (Includes Debates, Status of Bills, Committe Minutes and Journals for both Houses) |


Federal departments | Auditor General of Canada | Canadian Heritage | Citizenship and Immigration Canada | Department of Agriculture and Agri-Food | Department of Finance - Federal Financial Transfers to the Provinces and Canadian Government Budgets | Department of Justice - Canadian Human Rights Commission and Laws and Regulations | Environment Canada | Fisheries and Oceans Canada | Foreign Affairs and International Trade | Health Canada | Human Resources Development Canada | Indian and Northern Affairs Canada | Industry Canada | Intergovernmental Affairs Canada | National Defence - Report to the Prime Minister on the Leadership and Management of the Canadian Forces and White Paper on the Canadian Armed Forces, 1994 | Natural Resources Canada | Public Works and Government Services Canada - Government Publications Catalogue and Weekly Checklist | Revenue Canada - Tax Forms | Solicitor General of Canada | Transport Canada | Treasury Board |

Federal bodies and agencies | Bank of Canada | Canada Council | Canada Post Corporation | Canadian Broadcasting Corporation | Canadian Heritage Multiculturalism | Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) | Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) | Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) | Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) and Public Reports (1991 -) | Commissioner of Official Languages and Official Languages Support Program | Correctional Service Canada | Human Rights Directorate | Immigration and Refugee Board | Information Commissioner of Canada | International Development Research Centre (IDRC) - Library | National Archives of Canada | National Library of Canada | National Parole Board | Public Service Commission | Royal Canadian Mounted Police | Statistics Canada - Thematic Search Index for Social Statistics |

The Supreme Court

Supreme Court judgments | Judgments published in the Supreme Court Reports (S.C.R.) |

The Supreme Court of Canada and civil rights | Supreme Court of Canada - The Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Charter of Rights decisions (1983-) | An Act respecting employment equity | Bill of Rights | Canadian Human Rights Act (R.S., 1985, c. H-6 July, 1996) | Canadian Human Rights Commission | Canadian Human Rights Tribunal |

Provincial human rights codes and commissions | Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Commission | B.C. - Human Rights Code | Manitoba Human Rights Commission | New Brunswick Human Rights Commission | Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission | Ontario Human Rights Commission and Human Rights Code | Prince Edward Island Human Rights Commission | Québec - La Charte des droits et libertés de la personne | Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission |

Canadian legal resources | Access to Justice Network | The Canadian Legal Information Centre | Federal Statutes and Regulations (Department of Justice) | Virtual Canadian Law Library |

Civil liberties associations | Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre | B.C. Civil Liberties Association | Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) | Electronic Frontier Canada | Manitoba Association for Rights and Liberties | PEN Canada |


Political parties, public opinion, and elections

Federal elections | 1997 Canadian Federal Election Polls | Canadian Elections on the Internet | Canadian Federal and Provincial Election Data | Canadian National Election Studies (University of Alberta) | Centre for Election Studies (Dept of Political Science, University of Waterloo) | Digital Democrat Election Monitor | Distribution of House of Commons Seats at General Elections by political affiliation (Canada, provinces and territories (1980-1993) | Elections Canada | Federal General Elections, by Electors, Ballots Cast, and Voter Participation (Canada, the Provinces and Territories) | Federal Election Page, 1997 | Interactive Map of 1997 Federal Election Results (Statistics Canada and Natural Resources Canada) | Seat Distribution in the House of Commons | Thirty-sixth General Election 1997 Official Voting Results (Elections Canada) |

Provincial elections | Links to Provincial Chief Electoral Officers | Alberta Votes: Provincial Election 1997 | Alberta Electoral Boundaries Commission | Elections B.C. | 1991 Census Profiles; B.C. Provincial Election Districts | Election results of the 1991 provincial elections in B.C. | British Columbia 1996 Provincial Election Forecaster | Elections in Manitoba | New Brunswick Election 1995 | Elections New Brunswick - Electoral Reform in New Brunswick: A Discussion Paper and Final Report of the Select Committee on Electoral Reform (January 10, 1997) | The North Divides - Nunavut Elections (CBC) | Ontario Commission on Election Finances | Directeur général des élections, Québec | Québec Referendum | Québec Referendum Web Page | Referendum Results and Maps | Québec Votes on Sovereignty | Québec Election '98 (CBC) |

Federal political parties | Canadian Political Parties/Public Opinion on Internet (UBC) | Bloc Québécois | Communist Party of Canada / Parti Communiste du Canada | Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) / Parti communiste du Canada (marxiste-léniniste) | Green Party of Canada | The Liberal Party of Canada / Le Parti libéral du Canada | Natural Law Party of Canada / Le Parti de la Loi Naturelle | The New Democratic Party / Le Parti neo-démocrat | The Progressive-Conservative Party of Canada / Le Parti Progressiste-Consevateur du Canada | The Reform Party of Canada / Le Parti réformiste du Canada | The Rhinoceros Party of Canada | Western Canada Concept |

Public opinion and polls | Angus Reid Poll | CROP Inc. - Political Surveys and Socio-Cultural Surveys | Canadian National Election Studies; University of Alberta | Carleton University Data Library: Gallup and Insight Polls | Centre for Election Studies (Dept of Political Science, University of Waterloo) | Centre for the Study of Democracy (Queen's University) | Decima Quarterly Report | Ekos Election Poll | Environics Polls | Groupe de recherche sur l'opinion publique (GROP) | Léger et Léger | Pollara (Insight) Poll | Québec Survey Data | Polls@Canada: Southam Polls | Tracking the Polls |

Provincial Legislatures and Governments

| Intergovernmental On-Line Information Kiosk | The Legislatures of Canada | Provincial Governments | Provincial, Territorial and Municipal Governments (Yahoo!) |

Provincial governments | Government of British Columbia | Government of Alberta | Government of Saskatchewan | Government of Manitoba | Government of Ontario / Gouvernement d'Ontario | Gouvernement du Québec / Government of Québec | Government of New Brunswick / Gouvernement du Nouveau Brunswick | Government of Nova Scotia | Government of Prince Edward Island | Government of Newfoundland and Labrador |

Territorial governments | Government of the Northwest Territories | Government of Nunavut | Government of the Yukon |



| CyberSciencesPo (Francois-Pierre Gingras - Université d'Otttawa) | Equality Party | Groupe de Recherche sur les Interventions Gouvernementales (Université Laval) | Guide en administration publique (Pierre Dubeau) | Liberal Party of Québec | List of Québec Social Movement Sites | Parti Québécois | Québec Government (Yahoo!) | Québec Studies | Québec Trade Union Links | La Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Montréal | Rebellion of 1837-38 |

Francophones outside Québec | Acadie-Net | L'Acadie au bout des doigts | La Société nationale de l'Acadie |

First Nations

| Aboriginal Law and Legislation Online | Aboriginal Policing (Solicitor General of Canada) | Aboriginal Rights Sections in the Constitution Act, 1982 | Aboriginal Self-Government (1995 INAC Information Sheet) | Aboriginal Super Information Highway | Aboriginal Youth Network | Assembly of First Nations | B.C. Aboriginal Rights Coalition | B.C. First Nations | B.C. Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs | B.C. Treaty Commission | Beaufort/Delta Self Government Negotiations Office | Canada-Indian Treaties | Canadian Aboriginal Law | Canadian First Nations: Native American and Inuit | Constitution of the Iroquois Nations | Creenet | Federal legislation relevant to Aboriginal concerns (Indian and Northern Affairs) | Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations | First Nation Communities in B.C. (B.C. Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs) | Grand Council of the Crees | Hul'qumi'num Treaty Group (Vancouver Island) | Indian Act and Henderson's Annotated Indian Act (LARGE file) | Indian and Northern Affairs Canada and Facts about Canada's aboriginal population | Indian Claims Commission (specific claims) | Innu Nation Homepage | Jay Treaty of 1794 | Métis Nation | Native American Home Pages | Native Web | New Brunswick Intergovernmental and Aboriginal Affairs | Nisga'a Final Agreement | Nova Scotia Aboriginal Affairs | Nunatsiaq News (Iqaluit) | Nunavut and Nunavut Act (Parliament of Canada) | Oujé-Bougoumou (Québec) | Report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples | Royal Proclamation, 1763 | Saskatchewan Indian and Métis Affairs Secretariat | Secrétariat aux affaires autochtones (Québec) | Treaty 7 Tribal Council | Village of First Nations | Xatsu'll First Nation |

Supreme Court of Canada rulings on aboriginal rights | Delgamuukw v. British Columbia [1997] | R. v. Coté [1996] | R. v. Pamajewon [1996] | R. v. Adams [1995] | R. v. Badger [1995] | Blueberry River Indian Band v. Canada (Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development) [1995] | R. v. N.T.C. Smokehouse Ltd. [1995] | R. v. Van der Peet [1995] | R. v. Nikal [1995] | Native Women's Assn. of Canada v. Canada [1994] | R. v. Howard [1994] | Ontario (Attorney General) v. Bear Island Foundation [1991] | Mitchell v. Peguis Indian Band [1989] | R. v. Sioui [1989] | R. v. Sparrow [1988] | Guerin v. The Queen [1984] 2 S.C.R. 335 |


Interest Groups

| Action Canada Network | Canadian AIDS Society | Canadian Chamber of Commerce | Canadian Federation of Students | Canadian Labour Congress | Canadian Monarchist Online | The Canadian Republic Page | Canadian Trade Union Links | Citizens Concerned About Free Trade | Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights in Ontario (CLGRO) | Common Frontiers (coalition against free trade in the Americas) | La Confédération des syndicats nationaux (CSN) | Council of Canadians | Council of Canadians with Disabilities | DisAbled Women's Network (DAWN) | Greenpeace Canada | EGALE (Equality for Gays and Lesbians Everywhere) | Friends of the Earth | List of Feminist Organizations in Canada | The Monarchist League of Canada | National Citizens' Coalition | National Farmers Union | National Firearms Association | REAL Women of Canada (B.C. Chapter) | World Wildlife Federation |

Women's Issues and Feminism

| Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies | Canadian Women's Studies On-Line (University of Toronto) | Fact Sheet on Women in Canada (Government of Canada) | Feminism and Women's Resources Page | Herstory (University of Saskatchewan) | Status of Women Canada | Then & Now: Women in Canadian Legislatures (National Library of Canada) | Women - Federal Political Representation (1997) | Women At Work (Angus Reid and Homemaker's Magazine, September 1997) | Women in Canadian History | Women in Politics (1997 Angus Reid survey) | Women presently sitting in the Senate | Women's Web Guide |

Canadian Studies

| Association for Canadian Studies | Centre d'études acadiennes (Université de Moncton) - Resumé de l'histoire de l'Acadie (Musée Acadien Université de Moncton) | Hudson's Bay Company Archives | Important Moments in Canadian History | International Council for Canadian Studies (ICCS) | Diefenbaker Web |

Public Policy

| C.D. Howe Institute | Caledon Institute of Social Policy | Canada West Foundation | Canadian Centre for Foreign Policy Development | Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives | Canadian Council on Social Development | Canadian Labour Congress | Canadian Policy Research Networks (mission is to create knowledge and lead public debate on social and economic issues important to well-being of Canadians) | Canadian Public Policy Resources | Centre de récherche en civilisation canadienne francaise (Université d'Ottawa) | Council of Canadians | Council for Canadian Unity | Fraser Institute | Institute on Governance | Institute for Policy Analysis (University of Toronto) | Metro Toronto Social Planning Council | Micromedia | Policy Research Initiative (PRI - Government of Canada) | Public Management Research Centre | Public Policy Forum | Research Group on Public Policy (University of Laval) | S.F.U. Institute for Governance Studies | Social Planning and Research Council | University of Victoria Public Policy Web | Virtual Policy and Administration Community (Carlton University) |


| The Alternative Media Home Page | Cnews (Sun Newspapers) | CBC and CBC Newsworld Online | Calgary Herald | Canada Newswire | Canadian Dimension Magazine | Canadian Newspaper and Magazine Zone | Canadian Newspaper Association: Media Links | Canada Newspaper Services on the Internet (Canadian online news) | Canadian Press | Cable Public Affairs Channel (CPAC) | CityTV (Toronto) | The Edmonton Sun | The Evening Telegram (St. John's, Nfld.) | The Financial Post | Fax the Hill | The Globe and Mail | Halifax Chronicle-Herald | The Halifax Herald | The Hill Times (Parliament Hill) | ITV (Edmonton) | Le Devoir | Le Journal de Montréal | Le Soleil (Québec City) | The Leader-Post (Regina) | Maclean's | The Montreal Gazette | NTV (St.John's, Newfoundland) | New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal | NewsWatch Canada | Nunatsiaq News (Iqaluit) | The Ottawa Citizen Online | Politics Canada | The Province (Vancouver) | Réseau de l'information (RDI - Radio Canada) | Southam Press | TV Ontario | Télé-Québec | This Magazine | Toronto Star | The Toronto Sun | Vancouver Sun | The Winnipeg Free Press | The Yukon News |



| Canadian Parliamentary Review | Government Information in Canada (quarterly journal) | Various electronic journals (eg. Canadian Foreign Policy Journal, NAFTA Thoughts, Action Canada) |


| A Chronicle of Freedom of Expression in Canada | Hate Groups in Canada (Hatewatch) | Little Sister's Book & Art Emporium |

Search Engines

| Canadian Information By Subject | Canadian Government (Yahoo) | Champlain: Canadian Information Explorer |


| Online Resource Guide to Political Inquiry |

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