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| Anti-Fascist Forum (collects and disseminates information and analysis on fascist activity and anti-fascist resistance, aim is to build anti-fascist politics into assessment of ground-level situation across North America) | Arm The Spirit (ATS - Autonomist/Anti-Imperialist Resource Page - autonomist/anti-imperialist information collective based in Toronto, Canada. Focus includes wide variety of material, including political prisoners, national liberation struggles, armed communist resistance, anti-fascism, the fight against patriarchy, and more) | BURN! (website maintained by group of students at University of California at San Diego) | The CMS Resource Center: Study of Socially Engaged Internet Users (identifies "core group of 7.5 million Americans - 'Progressive Pace-Setters' - that has already embraced advocacy and charitable giving online, and another 7.3 million - 'Thresholders" who are potential affiliates for such organizations) | Communications for a Sustainable Future (founded on idea that computer networking could be used to enhance communications with objective of working through disparate views and ideologies to secure more promising future) | Critical Art Ensemble | Democracy NOW! | The Electrohippies' Electronic Activism and Electronic Civil Disobedience Website | Electronic Civil Disobedience | For International Solidarity and Revolutionary Resistance (The Netherlands) | Global Intifada (Swedish autonomist, anti-imperialist website) | Hacktivism web page | International Action Center | Libertad! (solidarity network for political prisoners world-wide) | Nadir Archiv (archive site which covers much of Germany's radical-left) | NetAid | The Nonviolence Web | Physicians for Global Survival, Canada | Protest.Net | Rebelión (Spanish-language online publication) | Revolt Collection | Rote Hilfe Berlin (German anti-repression solidarity group) | Smiley's Resources and Links | Solidarité Franc-tireurs partisans | Squat Net (Berlin-based squatters' network) | Swedish Ploughshares Movement (people around world working nonviolently for disarmament) | Terrorists, Freedom Fighters, Crusaders, Propagandists, and Mercenaries on the Net | Venceremos | VoxCap.com (site for building communities that help you make a difference. It enables you to create communities of interest around issues that matter to you -- share information, speak out on issues, connect with others who have common interests & build and mobilize support for causes) |

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