M.A.Czajkowski – fields of  interest

(a) Spectroscopy  of  van  der Waals molecules ( complexes ). Molecules such  as : CdRG , ZnRG , and MgRG   ( RG  stands  for He , Ne , Ar , Kr , and  Xe atoms )   formed in a  cold supersonic molecular  jet-expansion  beam are subject of  excitation  and  their  spectra  studied using techniques of  laser  spectroscopy. Excitation  and  fluorescence spectra  are  measured and

analyzed  by means  of various numerical  methods , leading  to  spectroscopic determination of

potential  energy curves  parameters for  the  appropriate molecular  states. Computer  simulation of the experimental  spectra  is  also employed and  leads to  a  better understanding  of  the  molecular  structure.

(b) Rydberg  Molecules : An extension of the  above described experimental approach  which  includes the “ optical –optical – double resonance “ method  leads  to  studies of  higher Rydberg

states of  the  van  der  Waals molecules – an  exciting  new  area  of  laser  spectroscopy. The  results  of  such  investigation  can  be  compared with  the  latest  ab  initio calculations and  the  theoretical predictions can  be  verified. The  lowest  Rydberg  states of  CdNe , Cd Ar and  CdKr have been   already  investigated  in  our  laboratory and  some theoretically  predicted  excited molecular  states  with double  minima in  their  potential  energy  curves has  been  found .



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