Hermy's Resort Reservations

Directions to the Resort

All reservations must only be made through the --> Resort email system<---

Resort open Early May to Mid October
Current Reservations this is only a listing
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You must click on "Resort email system" [above]
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Reservations to Date in 2018

May 1st to Mid October ....R. & K. Hermiston
June 8th to 10th ....Youngster's Fishing Trip
June 14th to 18th....Seniors' Fishing Trip
July 26th ....Sandy and Ross arrive
July 28th ....Mark arrives
July 31st ....Brennan & Haley Jackson arrive
August 2nd to 12th

Resort celebrates Christmas Festivities

August 3rd....8:00am Christmas Decorating continues
August 3rd....5:00pm Christmas Carolling
August 4th....2:00pm to 4:00pm Boxing Day open house
August 4th....10:00pm Fireworks Extravaganza at B690-2
August 5th....Christmas Day
August 8th .... Ross, departs
August 10th .... Brennan, Haley, and Jackson depart
August 12th .... Sandy and Mark depart
August 12th

Resort reopens

Mid October

Resort closes for the winter season
See everyone again in 2019!

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