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Sign-up slots. Choose several possible time slots for your Colloquium Presentation. Forward your choices to . We will assign you one of those slots in an attempt to maintain a common theme for each presentation week. When all Presentation slots are assigned you will be able to sign up for your two "Critic's Panel" slots. When the presentation topics are posted you will be in a better position to determine which "Critic's Panel/s" would be best for you. Also send me the title of your presentation, a brief (100-words) abstract, and the general thematic area (example) of your Colloquium presentation. Check back often to see which time slots are still free as I will update this regularly.) Note that some weeks may have three presentations (depending on our numbers and logistical problems).


Tentative Presentation Slots/Tentative Themes

Note. There will be two presentations per week. The tentative presentation themes emerged from my search for commonalities, not from any real similarities for the presentation topics. The topics may be totally unrelated to what I have identified. Use your own best judgment from what you know of the presenters when selecting your two "Critical Panel" slots.
6 (Feb 11...)
Clara Jane P.

Administrators Doing Research

7 (Feb 18...)
Tiffany Karen

Doing Empirical Research With Children in the School Setting

8 (Feb 25...)
Joyce Howard

Researchers on a Circuitous Research Career Path

9 (Mar 4...)
Randy Janet

Environmentalists Doing Research

10 (Mar 18...)
Debra Ruby

Artists Doing Research

11 (Mar 25...)
Geri Jane S.

Towards Mastery--In Learning & Teaching

12 (Apr 1...)
Carol Linda

I'll Think of Something!



Critical Examiner’s Panel (Sign-up Slots)

You need to sign up for two panels (For example you may opt to be a panel member for week 6 and again for week 8.) Since there are typically two presentations per week you will be preparing two critiques when you are on a critic's panel. (Total of four critiques overall)

Week Member Member Member Member
6 Linda Tiffany Jane S. Ruby
7 Linda Carol Clara Jane P.
8 Debra Karen Jane P. Clara
9 Geri Carol Jane S. Ruby
10 Howard Joyce Randy Janet
11 Howard Debra Karen Janet
12 Tiffany Geri Joyce Randy