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Lulu, the pink horn, was set free this week from a life of hard labour in the classroom setting. Her liberators will be taking her on an adventure throughout the year to show her what life is like outside the classroom. Stayed tuned for her weekly escapades  
Lulu's adventures begin as she hops the back of a FedEx truck to go out and discover the world outside the classroom. Hanging on for dear life, Lulu is on her way to her first of many journeys. As she waves goodbye to the Ed Building and Dr. Morton, she could be heard saying, "I'm feeling a little peckish"...

Having been on the run for a few days, Lulu is exhausted and hungry. Lulu thinks she must be dreaming when the FedEx truck goes through the drive-thru at Mickey D's. She orders herself a combo and heads to the park for some RnR.

I really thought the FedEx picture should have made the classroom video reel, and am immensely saddened that the McDonalds picture didn't even receive a mention. If our work goes unappreciated, we may have to take further action. :)

Lulu continues to enjoy her free time. She would like a friend, however I'm not foolish enough to be baited by your backup horn that easily. You'll hear from us again soon!

Have a great week...!

Toad and Co.
Lulu is happily back in Windsor after a refreshing Christmas break. She has been busy helping students work on Psych projects. She's a very giving horn.

Lulu has settled on a favorite TV show. Lulu is excited about the new "Alias" episode that is on tonight. Included is a picture of Lulu and hernew imaginary boyfriend, Michael Vartan from the show. Lulu hasn't met anyone yet, and is starting to get lonely. Perhaps we will have to help her find a real boyfriend.

Toad and Co.