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rade 4

Subject: Math

Strand: Number Sense and Numeration

Specific Expectation: recall multiplication and division facts to


Software: Animated Multiplication / Division *

Lesson / Activity: Students solve the multiplication questions and when they have a certain number correct they are rewarded with 2 games to play then they are back to the answer the question.


Grade 4

Subject: Math

Strand: Measurement

Specific Expectation: solve problems related to their day-to-day

Environment using measurement and


Software: Math Mysteries (measurement) *


Lesson / Activity: Students meet interesting characters on an underwater rescue. Students must pay close attention to the instructions and solve the problems making multi-step computations, conversions to solve measurement problems


Grade 4

Subject: Math

Strand: Geometry and Spatial Sense

Specific Expectation: identify the two dimensional shapes of the

faces of three dimensional figures

Software: The Geometer’s Sketchpad *


Lesson / Activity: students will sketch the faces that make up three dimensional figures (cube, rhombus, cylinder etc…..). Using the drawing and labeling tools students will sketch these figures then correctly label them with the letter tool.


Grade 4

Subject: Math

Strand: Patterning and Algebra

Specific Expectation: identify, extend and create patterns by

changing two or more attributes

Software: Exploring Math Pattern Blocks *


Lesson / Activity: students will explore the 4 patterning activities under the section "pattern blocks" in the program trying to move through the levels of difficulty.


Grade 4

Subject: Math

Strand: Data Management and Probability

Specific Expectation: construct labeled graphs

Software: Graphers *


Lesson / Activity: students will construct a bar graph with data collected regarding the weather for the month of November. Students will organize their data and construct a bar graph with correct labels and titles.


Grade 4

Subject: Language Arts

Strand: Writing

Specific Expectation: use a variety of sentence types correctly

and appropriately (eg. Questions,


Software: Storybook Weaver *


Lesson / Activity: have students create a story around the theme of "Bravery". Students will use proper form for paragraphs, proper spelling and punctuation for a minimum of 3 paragraphs.


Grade 4

Subject: Language Arts

Strand: Reading

Specific Expectation: identify the main idea in a piece of writing

and provide supporting details

Software: Discus – Helping Children Read and Learn ("A Promise

Is a Promise") *


Lesson / Activity: using the story "A Promise is a Promise" by Robert Munsch students will listen to the story, have the computer "read" favourite parts and important passages then create a summary of the main idea.


Grade 4

Subject: Language Arts

Strand: Oral and Visual Communication

Specific Expectation: present information to their peers in a

focused and organized form on a topic

of mutual interest

Software: Storybook Weaver *


Lesson / Activity: have the students crate a Christmas poem with illustrations that will be presented to the class and displayed. (poem, illustrations and presentation)


Grade 4

Subject: Health and Physical Education

Strand: Healthy Living

Specific Expectation: analyze, over a period of time, their own

food selections, including food purchases

(eg. Everyday food versus sometimes food)

and determine whether or not they are

healthy choices

Software: internet (


Lesson / Activity: students can play the "Food Bowl Challenge" then go on to solve the food/nutrition puzzles.



Grade 4

Subject: Health and Physical Education

Strand: Fundamental Movement Skills

Specific Expectation: investigate the principles of movement

in acquiring and then beginning to refine

movement skills

Software: internet


Lesson / Activity: students will research one of the above sports in terms of history, rules, skills and drills. They will then present to the class with a short write – up.


Grade 4

Subject: Health and Physical Education

Strand: Active Participation

Specific Expectation: monitor their pulse rates before and after

physical activity (locate and compare their

pulses before and after taking part in

physical activity, and explain the reasons

for differences in pulse rates

Software: Claris Works 5.0 *


Lesson / Activity: students will record their pulse rates after warm-up, activity and cool down – using the class results create a graph that depicts these results and discuss the reasons and the benefits in regards to the heart.


Grade 4

Subject: Science and Technology

Strand: Life Systems – Habitats and Communities

Specific Expectation: construct food chains that include

different plant and animal species and


Software: Interfact CD ROM – Rainforests *


Lesson / Activity: Students will build an interactive food web and will discover how the food web keeps the rain forest alive and which creatures are prey and which are predators.


Grade 4

Subject: Science and Technology

Strand: Matter & Materials

Specific Expectation: use appropriate vocabulary, including

correct science and technology

terminology, in describing their

observations, investigations and

explorations to describe properties

of materials in relation to light and


Software: Microsoft Word *


Lesson / Activity: Students will create a scientific report that includes at least one chart to depict the information about the properties of materials in relation to light or sound from their individual in class research and investigation experiments.


Grade 4

Subject: Science and Technology

Strand: Energy and Control

Specific Expectation: identify a variety of natural and artificial

light sources and describe the behaviour

of light, using their observations and

identify the basic characteristics

Software: internet

Activity / Lesson: Students will research the different sources of light and their different behaviours. The students will use this information to complete a "Hands-on" display project for a class presentation in groups of up to 4.




Grade 4

Subject: Science and Technology

Strand: Structures and Mechanisms

Specific Expectations: demonstrate an awareness of the concept

of the concept of mechanical advantage

by using a variety of pulleys and gears



Lesson / Activity: students will participate in the student made "pulleys and gears" program. They will study the section on pulleys and gears and complete the online quiz.


Grade 4

Subject: Science and Technology

Strand: Earth and Space Systems

Specific Expectations: classify rocks and minerals according to

chosen criteria, relying on observations



Lesson / Activity: students will review the online information about rocks and minerals and complete the following activities: (rock photo album identification, mineral / gem word search, rock memory game, identification game of minerals, gems, birthstones and crystals).


Grade 4

Subject: Social Studies

Strand: Heritage and Citizenship

Specific Expectation: locate relevant information from a variety

of sources

Software: *


Lesson / Activity: students will work on their independent research project regarding specific features of the middle ages.


*(the school where I completed my first practice teaching session arranged for school families to have access to this site for .69cents / family)


Grade 4

Subject: Social Studies

Strand: Canada and World Connections

Specific Expectation: locate key information about resources and

their uses

Software: Cross - country Canada *


Lesson / Activity: students will play the cross-country Canada game practicing their knowledge of resources and commodities of Canada and locations across the country.


Grade 4

Subject: The Arts

Strand: Music

Specific Expectation: identify the individual instruments of the

woodwind, brass, string and percussion


Software: Professor Piccolo CD ROM *


Lesson / Activity: students will choose an instrument from each of the four sections and become familiar with the range, parts and basic information which they will then make a diagram and description page for. Students can also listen to the instruments they have chosen to highlight and can describe the sounds.


Grade 4

Subject: The Arts

Strand: Visual Arts

Specific Expectation: state their preference for a specific work

chosen from among several on a similar

theme, and define their choice with

reference to their own interests and

experience and to the artist’s use of the

various elements of design.



Lesson / Activity: students will follow through the exhibit, the making of a "Monet" painting and conclude with critiques / comments of their own feelings of the paintings and the meanings.


Grade 4

Subject: The Arts

Strand: Drama and Dance

Specific Expectation: demonstrate an understanding of the use

of production technology to create

different effects



Lesson / Activity: students will use the part of the program "Kids Own Radio Dramas":

--students will write the script to include an event, conflict,

resolution, ending

--introduce your characters

--strong beginning and ending are helped with action in the


--radio dramas are written as dialogues

--practice and determine where sound effects should go


Students will use the lesson provided on how to make sound effects. Record the sound effects and practice the play. Some plays may be of a quality to submit to CBC kids radio.



bulletthese programs were available in the school (High Park) where I did my first practice teaching, I chose activities (CD ROM) programs that were available for use by whole classes.





Wednesday March 21, 2001