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Metaphors For Teaching (In-Class Group Activity #1)
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Choose one of the following metaphors for teaching and develop it with respect to items like the following: attitude to learners, communications with learners, expectations of learners, assignments, assessment, rules,  learner differences, behaviour of learners, nature/nurture, needs, curricular content, empowerment of learners, homework, teacher's role, record keeping, organization, activity level, discovery, messiness, artificiality, etc... USE THE TEACHER AS RESEARCHER METAPHOR AS A GUIDE FOR THE TYPE OF QUESTIONS TO ADDRESS.

Metaphors: Focus on the Person Metaphors: Focus on the Setting
Teacher as Sergeant Military
Teacher as Aerobics Instructor Gym
Teacher as Coach Team
Teacher as Gardener Garden
Teacher as Zookeeper Zoo
Teacher as Nature Trail Guide Nature
Teacher as Tour Guide Foreign City
Teacher as Architect Building
Teacher as Medical Practitioner Hospital
Teacher as Politician Parliament
Teacher as Orchestra Conductor Music Hall

What new and interesting insights about the teaching/learning process emerged from your metaphor?