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Different quality sample sets and pages are available.    


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Four brochures--For example, you select a topic from chapter 2 or 3, then one from chapter 4, one for chapter 5, and so on. Don't choose topics from the same chapter.

DUE Week of : January 5th (in the main office. Brochures may be handed in earlier).

You select an area from each target chapter to address in the brochure.

You select a particular target audience. For example, you may address all brochures to parents. Or you may address one to parents, one to teachers, and one to children, etc. You decide.

You want these brochures to be authentic, practical, usable in the future, and part of your portfolio. So aim for "professional quality."

You will need to strike a balance between insufficient information, and too much information. You don't want to overpower the reader. But you want enough information to demonstrate that you have a good understanding of the topic and your target audience.

You can construct these brochures using programs like WordPerfect, MS-Word, MS-Publisher, etc. If you use a word processor your paper size would be 8.5 by 11 and you would set the page orientation to landscape (not portrait). Set up three columns to align with your folds.

There will be a few samples available in class (in November).

There are also three samples on-line that you can check (Click the bars in the left hand margin on this page).

Include your name on the back panel and also cite the text as the source of the information. Use paraphrase not quotations.

The Brochures are ranked in terms of three categories (Incomplete, Complete, Outstanding). Ranking is influenced by: organization, content, readability, graphics, reader friendliness, presentation, creativity, and overall quality.

The marks tend to be very good for the Brochures and typically about 70-80% or more students opt to do the Brochures.


Note 1.The first brochure takes the longest. Once you have the template the next few brochures are usually doable quite quickly  
Note 2. I find a Word Processor like MS-Word perfectly suitable for the task.  
Note 3. When it comes to printing, make sure you print the opposite side of the page by feeding the paper in the correct way so that when one opens the brochure the inside panels are oriented correctly.  
Note 4. If you use a black and white print option it is a good idea to make sure it thematically fits your topic or theme. For example, "comic strips" are often black and white, or a newspaper spin-off would be black and white, or a theme such as "The Issues are Black and White" would be appropriate in Black and White.

Otherwise, colour makes a more impressive impact on your reader