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  Letter From Margo...
Accommodations: Cost: Contain: 
There are five units set aside for the Core 2001 Seminar Group.

Each unit can accommodate five students.

$350.00 for the three-week block.


No Utensils

Location: Parking: Contact:
Clark Residences-Phase 1

Sunset Avenue

Parking  Permits are available from Campus Police (Cost is $34.50 for a one month pass)

Or $11.50 per week.

Margo Bickerstaff

(519) 253-3000 Ext 3279

Food: Phones: Linens supplied:
In-residence facilities.

No Food Plan available in the summer session.

Limited food services available on campus.

Local Restaurants.

Phone hookups and computer hookups are normally arranged by students who wish them. A three-week hook-up via Bell could be quite expensive.

Also, there is a problem getting at least one phone in a unit as the University is presently at capacity.

It might be a good idea for students to rely on their cell phones.