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Theodicy (God and Suffering)

"THEODICY"-The Problem of God, Evil and Suffering
Barry L. Whitney, B.A., Ph.D.
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Professor of Christian Philosophy of Religion

University of Windsor, Windsor. Ontario N9B3P4 Canada

Barry L. Whitney, THEODICY: An Annotated Bibliography on the Problem of Evil, 1960-1991
Updated edition, December 1998--
4,300 entries, 492 pages

A Revised and Expanded Edition of the Standard Reference Resource for the Problem of Evil By Dr. Barry L. Whitney, Professor of Christian Philosophy of Religion
Published in December, 1998 by The Philosophy Documentation Center

Over 4,200 items, 490 pages; Order "on line" while copies are available! at $40 US

This book is the product of seven years of research and writing, after 20 years of study as a professional philosopher of religion. This is the first and only complete annotated THEODICY Bibliography. The first edition (Garland, 1993) sold out after copies were purchased by major research university libraries and hundreds of university and college libraries. With the second edition (Philosophy Documentation Center, December 1998), the chapter introductions were expanded and dozens of new entries were added. Most importantly perhaps, the price was lowered from $98 (Garland edition, 1993) to $40 (the 2nd, 1998 edition, hardcover) to make this resource available at an affordable price to individual scholars and educated laypeople.

    • Free Will Theodicy (entries #1-349)
    • Best Possible World Theodicy (entries #350-542)
    • Natural Evil Theodicy (entries #542-748)
    • Irenaean Theodicy (entries #749-815)
    • Process Theodicy (entries #816-1051)
    • Assorted Philosophical Theodicies (entries #1052-1459)
    • Biblical Theodicy (entries #1460-1827)
    • Historical Theodicy (entries #1828-2188)
    • Suffering of God Theodicy(entries #2189-2446)
    • Pain and Theodicy (entries #2447-2485)
    • Providence and Evil (entries #2486-2510)
    • Theodicy in Literature (entries #2511-2615)
    • Original Sin and Theodicy (entries #2616-2671)
    • Jewish and Holocaust Theodicy (entries #2672-2933)
    • Satan and Theodicy (entries #2934-3006)
    • Theodicy in World Religions (entries #3007-3090)
    • Women and Theodicy (entries #3091-3140)
    • Popular and Miscellaneous Publications (entries #3141-3732)
    • PhD Dissertations on Theodicy (entries #3733-4237)

"Whitney is fast becoming the world's authority in the theodicy issue" (David Griffin)

"Whitney has developed a unique philosophical tool, with an expert in the area amassing and commenting on all of the important literature in the field" (George Schlesinger)
[Whitney's work on theodicy is} "extraordinarily useful." His work on theodicy is "excellent" and besides his own original and constructive views,he "gives a clear and accurate picture of the current state of discussion of this vital topic" (John Hick)
Whitney's monumental collection of sources, and his detailed annotations on the most important material, represents a major contribution to the debate on God and evil at the end of this century. To amass this quantity of material is the field is a staggering achievement: the book represents an important research tool in its own right simply by the comprehensiveness of the references it contains" (anonymous assessment)
"The selection of the seven major topic areas and the five major appendices is intelligent and accurate to the field as a whole. The annotations are also consistently fair and informative--a difficult task in a tendentious topic such as this one....This is indeed 'an essential research tool for scholars and students working in the field,' and should remain so for 'many years to come.'" (anonymous assessment)
"[Dr. Whitney] is to be commended for his tremendous service to philosophers working in the field. The work has richly repaid the time I have spent studying it..." (anonymous assessment)
"The work is original in the sense that [Dr. Whitney] is not just part of a school. He has his own plausible position from which to critique others... (anonymous assessment)
"[Dr. Whitney] stands in a rather unique position .... No other person today is any more abreast of the current literature [on theodicy, God and evil] and I believe his understanding of the various theodicies now available to us is as good as anyone's." (anonymous assessment)
Dr. Whitney's work on theodicy "is of value not only for academicians but for humanity as a whole ... as the 'problem of evil' is by far the most important and practical issue in the philosophy of religion.... More importantly, though, theoretical theistic perspectives on evil continue to dictate the manner in which many (if not the majority of the) people in our world actually respond to the pain and suffering we encounter... " (anonymous assessment)
"[Dr. Whitney's} annotations and series of introductions reflect years of work by a leading figure in the field. They also offer a mix of academic impartiality and personal committment: variant viewpoints are desribed fairly and allowed to stand alongside one another ("I seek only reasoned arguments") ... Academics [and others] will be well served by this book ... (Michel Desjardins)
"Dr. Whitney has proved himself to be an author of substance whose publications ... have made a significant contribution ... to theodicy" (anonymous assessment)
Note: Many of these comments were given to me as "anonymous assessments" since they were written confidentially by academic experts in the fields of philosophy and theology in response to the publication of the 1993 (first) edition of THEODICY and in support of various grant applications and publishing proposals by Dr. Whitney between 1994 and 1997.

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THEODICY: AN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY ON THE PROBLEM OF EVIL, 1960-1991, 498 pages, available from The Philosophy Documentation Center, 1998.
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THEODICY: AN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY ON THE PROBLEM OF EVIL, 1960-1990 (first edition). New York, London: Garland Publishing Inc, 1993), 658 pages. This is the only definitive research resource for publications on the problem of evil from 1960-to the early 1990s. Available now in an undated edition and new preface (1998), published by The Philosophy Documentation Center, December, 1998.
"Critical Study of Mystical Theodicy," METHOD AND THEORY IN THE STUDY OF RELIGION (Canada) 1993.
WHAT ARE THEY SAYING ABOUT GOD AND EVIL? New York: Paulist Press, 1989, 135 pages. This edition sold out and is Out of Print. However. it will be available here on this internet site soon and an updated edition is being prepared for a new press.
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Ph.D. Dissertation, McMaster University (Canada), 1977.

TILLICH'S DOCTRINE OF RELIGIOUS SYMBOLISM, B.A. Honours Thesis, Carleton Unniversity, 1971.

23 Edited issues of PROCESS STUDIES academic journal, volumes 23 (1996) to volume 35 (2006).
105 Book Reviews published in various academic journals, 1977-2006.
160 Abstracts of Articles published in PROCESS STUDIES academic journal, 1979-2001.
130 Abstracts of Ph.D. Dissertations published in PROCESS STUDIES, 1978-1999.
Dozens of Public Lectures, Consultations, Workshops, and published Interviews and Television Panel Debates and Interviews.including several for "Religious Scope," CBC TV, "Test of Faith," VISION TV, TIME magazine, THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE, THE NEW YORK TIMES, NEWSDAY, LONG ISLAND, THE WASHINGTON TIMES. THE OTTAWA CITIZEN, etc.
Dozens of Essays and Reviews in refereed and non-referred journals

BOOKS on THEODICY: Amazon List

Many will be on-line soon; note also that some of the following items are not yet on line

Barry Whitney, GOD AND EVIL ch 1: Introduction

Barry Whitney, GOD AND EVIL ch 2: Faith Solution

Barry Whitney, GOD AND EVIL ch 3: Biblical Theodicy
Barry Whitney, GOD AND EVIL ch 9: Jewish Responses to the Holocaust

Barry Whitney, GOD AND EVIL (chs 4-5-6); Philosophical Theodicies
Barry Whitney, GOD AND EVIL (ch 7-8): Conservative Theodicies
Barry Whitney, Anti-Theodicy: Is Theodicy Itself Evil?

Barry Whitney, "Religious Belief and Science"

Barry Whitney, "Response to the Humanist Manifestos"
Barry Whitney, "Response to Atheism"

Barry Whitney, "The Much-Neglected Answer in The Book of Job"
Barry Whitney, "The Reasonablenss of Religious Belief"
Barry Whitney, "An Aesthetic Solution to the Problem of Evil"
Barry Whitney, "God and Natural Disasters"
Barry Whitney, Course Notes for "God and Evil" Class: the problem of evil
Barry Whitney, Course Notes for "Apologetics" Class: defense of Christianity
Barry Whitney, Course Notes for "God and Atheism" Class: Christianity vs Secular Humanism
Barry Whitney, Course Notes for "Religion and Culture" Class: Christianity vs New Age Postmodernism
Barry Whitney, Course Notes for "Religion and Literature" Class: Satan and the Occult
Gregory Boyd Spiritual Warfare Theodicy Resource
Daniel Howard-Synder Theodicy essays
William Hasker-David Griffin Theodicy Debate: part 1 (Hasker)
, Process Studies 29 (2000)
Hasker-Griffin Theodicy Debate: part 2 (Griffin), Process Studies 29 (2000)

Hasker-Griffin Theodicy Debate: part 3
(Hasker and Griffin), Process Studies 29 (2000)
John Culp: Overview of the Dialogue between Process and Evangelical Theologies. Process Studies 30 (2001)

More papers to come, by Barry Whitney and other apologists, theodicists, theologians and philosophers of religion.
Not all of these are on line yet, but these and many more essays, reviews, and other resources, including audio and video aids, will be posted here.

OTHER RESOURCES on Christian Apologetics
Professor Whitney is available for consultations, conferences and other speaking engagements, offering academically and biblically sound teaching on Christian Apologetics (the defense of Christianity against various common criticisms), with special expertise on God and Suffering

Dr. Whitney has taught for 30 years at the University of Windsor, and has published more than 30 Books, Book Chapters, and Edited Journals, over 130 Academic Articles and Reviews, and over 350 other articles and abstracts for academic journals, as well as published interviews and several dozen academic and public presentations (papers, seminars, lectures, consultations), radio and TV interviews and debates (most recently, Vision TV debates against Dr. Deepak Chopra and liberal Bishop Joseph Sprague, etc.), newspaper and magazine interviews (Time magazine, The New York Times, The Washington Times, Newsday, Long Island, The Chicago Tribune, The Ottawa Citizen, CBC TV, Vision TV, etc. (1979-2004)

Some Books and Chapters by Dr. Whitney
Many articles, reviews, etc. are also on line in this website, with more to come

2005: THE BIG ARGUMENT Ed. John Ashton and Michael Westacott (Australia: Strand; USA: Master Books); Whitney chapter, "Does Science Disprove God?" Third book in the series which published IN SIX DAYS (ed. Ashton) and ON THE SEVENTH DAY (ed. Ashton)

1989: WHAT ARE THEY SAYING ABOUT GOD AND EVIL?; revised, updated version is in progress

1998: THEODICY; current (2nd edition) of this definitive reference: 4,200 entries (1960-1991)

1993: THEODICY; first edition of this first and only complete reference on writings on God and Evil (1960-1990)

1982: THE REALITY OF GOD, co-authored; Whitney chapter on "Religion, Science and God"

1985: EVIL AND THE PROCESS GOD; definitive and critical study of Hartshorne's process theodicy

2002: NEW CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA, 15-volume 2nd Edition: Whitney articles on "Evil" and "Theodicy"

1989: HARTSHORNE, PROCESS PHILOSOPHY AND THEOLOGY; Whitney chapter on "ProcessTheodicy"

1982: NON-VIOLENCE: CENTRAL TO CHRISTIAN SPIRITUALITY; Whitney chapter on "Pacifism in Hartshorne"

2002: GOD, LITERATURE, AND PROCESS THOUGHT; Whitney chapter on "Promethean Atheism"

1996-2005: PROCESS STUDIES Academic journal, 21 issues edited by B. Whitney

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