Costa Rica

Some members of the 2006 Costa Rica field team in front of Arenal, an active volcano (from left to right: myself, Jay Mouland, Steph Topp, Dan Mennill, Steph Doucet)

Behold the Rufous-capped Warbler.
(Base Cero backyard)

A Keel-billed Toucan.  Sadly, no Fruit Loops were recovered at the scene.
(Las Pumas rescue shelter)

A White-lored Gnatcatcher
(Base Cero backyard)

A majestic White-throated Magpie-jay
(Base Cero backyard)

A Green Violet-ear lands on a feeder
(Monteverde Hummingbird Garden)


A coati on the move
(Near Monteverde Hummingbird Garden)

This is Gary, who hangs around Base Cero, and ate my apple cores at lunchtime.  Shoutout to Frank, the other iguana, and to Charlie the toad.
(Base Cero backyard)


A Steely-vented Hummingbird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

(Base Cero backyard)

A Great Kiskadee eating a berry.
(Base Cero backyard)

A disgruntled Rufous-naped Wren
(Base Cero backyard)

A White-tipped Dove with a bright blue eye-ring
(Base Cero backyard)

A Purple-throated Mountain-gem
(stop looking for the purple throat... she's female!)
(Monteverde Hummingbird Garden)

A Black-headed Trogon,
two of which nested very near Base Cero
(Base Cero driveway)

How many toes does this sloth have?
(Monteverde suspension bridge)

As a biologist, when I find a dead White-faced Capuchin in the river, I feel compelled to bring the skull home
(don't worry, we left it OUTSIDE)

Peru 2007


Male antbird (Explorer's Inn, Madre de Dios, Peru)

Thrush-like Wren (Explorer's Inn, Madre de Dios, Peru)

Ara, one of the macaws at the Explorer's Inn (Madre de Dios, Peru)

Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu, Peru

Andean lady with llama near Cusco, Peru

Pale-legged Hornero (Explorer's Inn, Madre de Dios, Peru)

Male Silver-beaked Tanager (Explorer's Inn, Madre de Dios, Peru)

A neat bug on my mist net (Explorer's Inn, Madre de Dios, Peru)

Machu Picchu, Peru

City square, Cusco, Peru


Costa Rica 2007

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