Jessica L. Cuthbert
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Windsor
401 Sunset Ave.
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
N9B 3P4
Phone (519) 253-3000, lab ext 2704

      2006- present
.  M.Sc. student, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Windsor.
     Masters thesis: Ornamentation and mutual sexual selection in a Neotropical  passerine bird.
     Advisor: Dr. St
éphanie Doucet

.  B.Sc. Honours Biology with Thesis, University of Windsor.
     Honours thesis: The duetting behaviour of Pacific coast Plain Wrens.
     Advisor: Dr. Daniel Mennill

Research Experience
     May 2007- August 2007. 
Graduate field research in Santa Rosa National Park, Costa Rica.

     January 2007- present.
  Graduate research in plumage reflectance spectrometry.

     October 2006- present.
  Graduate research in molecular ecology laboratory on development of microsatellite markers.

     August 2006.
  Research assistant in avian plumage data collection to Dr. Stéphanie Doucet, University of Windsor.  Prepared feathers for spectrometry, performed analyses of feather ptilochronology across several species and prepared digital images for patch size analysis.

May- July 2006 Volunteer field assistant to Dr. Stéphanie Doucet on a research project on Neotropical birds, Santa Rosa National Park, Costa Rica: monitoring, capturing, handling, measuring and banding birds.

     September 2005- May 2006
.  Honours thesis student in Dr. Daniel Mennill's lab, University of Windsor.  Developed skills in analyses of avian vocalizations using Syrinx PC software.

     August 2005
.  Volunteer research assistant in avian sound analysis to Dr. Daniel Mennill, University of Windsor.

     May- July 2005.
  Volunteer research assistant to Masters student of Forensic entomology, University of Windsor.  Helped set up experiments and collect data in the field.

     May 2007.  Explorers Club Exploration Fund.

     April 2007.  Sigma Xi Grant-In-Aid of Research.

     September 2007.
  Ontario Graduate Scholarship.
     January- December 2006.  American Ornithologists' Union Student Membership Award
     September 2002- May 2003.  Entrance Scholarship, University of Windsor
     September 2002- May 2003.  Community Scholars Award, University of Windsor


       September 2007.  Cuthbert, Jessica  and Stéphanie Doucet.  Plumage ornamentation and mutual sexual selection in the Royal Flycatcher.  26th Annual Meeting of the Society of Canadian Ornithologists, Lake Opinicon, Ontario.  (runner-up for best student oral presentation)

     May 2006.
  Cuthbert, Jessica L.  The Duetting Behaviour of the Pacific Coast Plain Wren.  Honours Colloquium, University of Windsor.
     March 2006.
  Cuthbert, Jessica L.  The Duetting Behaviour of the Pacific Coast Plain Wren.  Ontario Biology Day, University of Western Ontario.

     Cuthbert, Jessica L. and Daniel J. Mennill.  2007.  The Duetting Behaviour of the Pacific Coast Plain Wren (Thryothorus modestus).  Condor 109: 686-692.  (PDF)

Relevant work experience

      January- April 2007.  Graduate Assistant for Human Physiology II.  Supervisor: Dr. Ken Drouillard.  University of Windsor.

     September- December 2006.  Graduate Assistant for lab portion of an upper-year Histology course, Animal Cells and Tissues.  Supervisor: Dr. Barbara Zielinski.  University of Windsor.

     June 2001- April 2006.  Veterinary Assistant, Branton Animal Hospital, Windsor, Ontario.

Volunteer experience

     March 2007.  Volunteer judge at Windsor Regional Science, Techonology and Engineering Fair.  Windsor, Ontario.

     January 2006- present.  Member of the Department of Biology Graduate Student Association as M.Sc. representative on Graduate Committee, University of Windsor.

     June 2003- April 2004.  Volunteer for Students Orienting Students, presenting seminars to large groups of high school students, leading campus tours and fundraising, University of Windsor.

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