Information for Contributors

If you are interested in contributing to Cultures of Health, please contact us at, and provide a short proposal. There isno peer review process at the moment, but the idea will be quickly evaluated by the editorial team. If necessary, we will contact you with details for arranging file transfer.

Note that you will be responsible for securing, and providing copies to us, of formal permission to reproduce material. You will also have to sign our Academic Hosting Agreement andmail a copy to us at the address indicated on the agreement.

PDF document Academic Hosting Agreement [PDF]

The nice legal prose of the agreement may seem a little intimidating, but its main points are essentially that:

  • you will retain ownership of the copyright of your text (i.e, you won’t have to ask us for any permissions of any kind if you later want to publish your contribution elsewhere)
  • you are responsible for securing formal permission to use material in your text that requires it
  • we will not edit your text without getting your approval first
  • you can ask for your text to be taken down any time
  • we can take your text down or terminate the site any time
  • your text is licensed for distribution on the website under a Canadian Creative Commons licensing arrangement that permits website users to read, reproduce and share your work for non-commercial educational purposes
  • we will not use your work for commercial purposes

In sum, it’s all about making things doable for us while guaranteeing your rights as an author and encouraging people to share in the discussions generated by this site. Please consider making Cultures of Health a venue and a forum for your work.


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