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Nova Scotia Nursing History website

An absorbing and rich (including oral history and pristine photographs) repository on Nursing Education in Nova Scotia, from 1890s to the present, by Christine Lovelace, Stephanie Walker, Amy Nickerson and Ewa Piorko, in assocation with Mount Saint Vincent University Archives

Reich blog on history of presidential health care reform efforts

Check out former US Secretary of Labor Robert Reich’s realpolitik blog-take on the history of presidential health care reform in the US, and what it says about Obama’s approach and chances

Special Issue on the Australian Asylum

Peruse the new special issue of Health and History on the Australian asylum

Wax Model Video – Exquisite Bodies Exhibit at Wellcome

A video on how to make an anatomical wax model with artist, Eleanor Crook, part of the new Wellcome Museum exhibit, Exquisite Bodies, on the many uses of anatomical models in the 19th c.

New Exhibit on Carlos Chagas – Take a Video Tour

Simone Kropf of the Casa Oswaldo Cruz takes us on a video tour of the exhibit celebrating the centenary of the discovery of Chagas Disease …

Semi-Live Blogging from the EAHMH Conference in Heidelberg, “Global Developments and Local Specificities in the History of Medicine and Health”

From the European Association for the History of Medicine and Health conference at the Main Building of the historic campus of the University of Heidelberg


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